Home Electric Vehicles Maruti Suzuki patented ‘Futuro-E’-is its first all-electric car?
Maruti Suzuki patented ‘Futuro-E’-is its first all-electric car?

Maruti Suzuki patented ‘Futuro-E’-is its first all-electric car?


The Maruti Suzuki Futuro-E is expected to showcase its production-ready all-electric car in the upcoming 2020 auto Expo. It is likely to be launched in India somewhere in the year 2021. Maruti Suzuki patented ‘Futuro-E’.

The Maruti Suzuki has been fleet testing its electric version of the Japanese-spec WagonR in India. Its new all-electric is expected to make a debut in India in 2021 and is expected to unveil in the upcoming 2020 Auto Show.

Maruti Suzuki patented ‘Futuro-E’

The Maruti Suzuki has filed a patent for its new model by the name “FUTURO-E”.

Earlier, in 2018 Auto Expo, the company showcased its Future-S concept which is now an Espresso. So we can expect Futuro-E could be the company’s all-electric car.

Not only Maruti Suzuki, but there are also some other players such as Tata Motors and Mahindra are working on a long-range and affordable electric vehicle for India.

While Maruti Suzuki’s WagonR electric hatchback is in talks for its launch in 2020. A few months back, the car was on road for testing all over India with a batch of 50 units.

It expects to cost around Rs. 10 lakhs or more and gives an expected range of 150 kilometres in a single charge. This will be a city car mostly usable by the city commuters and cab operators who have generally sufficient time to recharge the car during the day.

Earlier, Tata Motors has also made an announcement of its launch of 4 electric vehicles in 12-18 months. The Tata Motors Chairman N Chandrasekaran said that we will have five electric vehicles in the market in the next 12-18 months. The electric vehicles including Tigor, electric Nexon, electric Altroz a new Tigor and one more vehicle.

We also have electric cars lined up from Tata Motors to launch in 2020. So, 2020 will be an electric year as many electric vehicles manufacturers waiting to launch their EVs in 2020.

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