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NEL ASA: Awarded Hydrogen Fueling Station Contract in Sweden

NEL ASA: Awarded Hydrogen Fueling Station Contract in Sweden


Nel Hydrogen Solutions (formerly branded as a part of H2 Logic) has entered into an agreement with the City of Mariestad for the sale and construction of a H2Station®. The hydrogen fueling station will be located in the strategic Gothenburg-Stockholm corridor, and will complete the last leg in connecting the Scandinavian capitals.

“The City of Mariestad is actively pursuing a strategy of increasing use of renewable energy and fostering a local industry within new technologies. The new hydrogen fueling stations is an important step, as it enables use of hydrogen as fuel for vehicles and creates a platform for new activities within renewable hydrogen production and energy storage. In addition, the new station in Mariestad will provide hydrogen fueling in the strategic transport corridor between Gothenburg and Stockholm, enabling hydrogen vehicles to make the cross-country drive between the two cities, for the first time”, says Jacob Krogsgaard, Division Manager of Nel Hydrogen Solutions.

The project includes a turn-key installation of a H2Station® including services & maintenance and will be owned by the City of Mariestad. The agreement has a contract value exceeding EUR 1 million and will be delivered in the forth quarter of 2016.

The hydrogen fueling station in Mariestad is part of the EUR 100 million H2ME-2 project, co-funded with EUR 35 million from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, a public private partnership supporting fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe.

“We started working with the H2ME-2 program during the second half of 2015. We are happy to announce the first H2Station for Marienstad, and will continue to work under the same program to deploy more stations in the Nordic region”, Krogsgaard concludes.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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