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Schneider Electric launches PV Hybrid solution in cooperation with DEIF

Schneider Electric launches PV Hybrid solution in cooperation with DEIF


Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation and a global leader in solutions for  solar and energy storage power conversion chain, today announced the launch of a PV Hybrid solution, developed in cooperation with DEIF, a global leader in diesel controllers. 

Flexible PV Hybrid solution introduced at Intersolar Europe 2016

Designed for grid-tied and off-grid power generation, the PV Hybrid solution combines efficient, reliable diesel generation with clean, low-cost solar power. This flexible solution enables operators to use energy intelligently—and it can be customized to build cost-effective hybrid power solutions that meet a range of needs.

“The PV Hybrid solution responds to a real, and growing need in the market,” said Xavier Datin, VP of the Commercial and Residential Solar Line of Business, at Schneider Electric. “From remote work sites to commercial institutions, there are many power plants where diesel generators are in operation for primary or backup power—but the operators want to add PV power for its financial and environmental advantages.” 

A combination of solar and diesel solution to ensure reliability to the grid while reducing overall carbon footprint 

The modular, adaptable PV Hybrid solution can be applied to new and retrofit applications. The combination of diesel and solar power maintains a stable, reliable power grid while reducing fuel dependency and limiting GHG emissions. In some applications, where permitted, operators will be able to earn revenue by selling surplus solar-generated power back to the grid.

The solution features Schneider Electric Conext™ CL inverters, with controllers transducers and accessories from DEIF. Said Datin, “We are proud to bring this to market in cooperation with DEIF. This solution truly represents the best of both worlds: DEIF is renowned for its’ advanced, efficient diesel power control systems, while Schneider Electric is known for innovation and excellence in solar. As both companies have been in the power business for decades, customers can rely on them for global, long-term support.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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