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New Program Will Train Utility Personnel on Innovative Smart Grid Components and Applications

New Program Will Train Utility Personnel on Innovative Smart Grid Components and Applications


India’s National Smart Grid Mission (NSGM) with the help of USAID launched its first in a series of training programs aimed at building the capacity and skills of utility personnel to develop India’s Smart Grid infrastructure. This training will help the Government of India achieve its target of having 10 percent of personnel from 14 of India’s state utilities trained in Smart Grid functions.

Building a Smart Grid is a key priority for the Government of India as it will help curb power transmission and distribution losses, ensuring there is 24×7 access to power for all. A trained and skilled workforce is critical to achieving this vision.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Vishal Kapoor, Director – Distribution, Ministry of Power said,“India expects to provide 24×7 quality power to all its people. The power generated will comprise a large share of renewable energy. Managing renewable and conventional energy calls for a grid that is smart and capable of providing electricity to the remote corners of the country,”

Shri Prabhu N. Singh, Director, NSGM, emphasized the importance of having a trained workforce of utility professionals who can understand and own the Smart Grid system. This trained workforce will help accelerate the development of Smart Grids across India.“The Government of India, through the National Smart Grid Mission, is committed to assisting utilities in skill enhancement on Smart Grid aspects. We hope to partner with a number of national and state institutions to take up Smart Grid training in the country,” said Singh.

“Training and capacity building have been identified as one of the key strategic areas under the NSGM. We are happy to partner with the Ministry of Power and the NSGM to facilitate knowledge sharing on Smart Grid technologies and related-operational issues,” said USAID/India Mission Director, Ambassador Jonathan Addleton.

The three-day training program will use a basic Smart Grid course – designed under USAID’s “Partnership to Advance Clean Energy” Program – to build the capacity of utilities on various Smart Grid components and applications. The participants will also visit a Smart Grid Lab at the Centre for Power Efficiency in Distribution in New Delhi, to gain a practical understanding of select Smart Grid functionalities.

The Government of India has taken several proactive steps towards grid modernization, including the establishment of a Smart Grid Mission to plan and monitor the implementation of policies and programs related to Smart Grid activities in India.


Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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