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NI FOR Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Solar Lighting Masts under Sustainable Development Budget at Mouda STPP

NI FOR Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Solar Lighting Masts under Sustainable Development Budget at Mouda STPP


NIT No: 40052821


Bidding Document No: C-1794

1.0 NTPC invites on-line bids from eligible Bidders for aforesaid package, as per the scope of work briefly mentioned hereinafter:


Brief Details



NIT Date


Document Sale Commencement Date & Time



Document Sale Close Date & Time

26.03.2016 17:00:00

Source of IFB/NIT

Mouda Super Thermal Power

Contract Classification

Supply +

Erection+ Civil

Last Date and Time for Bid submission

08.04.2016 15:30:00

Technical Opening Date & Time

08.04.2016 16:00:00

Bid Opening Date & Time

30.04.2016 16:00:00

Cost of Bidding Documents in INR




Pre-Bid Conference Date & Time (if any)


Query Date (if any)


3.0Bid Security and Integrity Pact (if applicable) shall be submitted in a sealed envelope separately offline by the

stipulated bid

submission closing

date and time at the address given below. Any bid without an acceptable Bid Security

and Integrity

Pact (if applicable)

shall be treated as non-responsive by the employer and shall not be opened.

4.0 A complete set of Bidding Documents may be downloaded by any interested Bidder on payment (non-refundable) of the cost of the documents as mentioned above in the form of a crossed account Payee demand draft in favour of NTPC Ltd., Payable at Mouda or directly through the payment gateway at our SRM Site

(https://etender.ntpclakshya.co.in/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/bbpstart). For logging on to the SRM Site, the

bidder would require

vendor code and SRM user id and password which can be obtained

by submitting a questionnaire

available at our SRM

site as well as at NTPC tender site (www.ntpctender.com). First time users not

allotted any vendor code are required to

approach NTPC at least three working days prior to Document Sale

Close date

alongwith duly filled in questionnare for

issue of vendor code and SRM user id/password.

5.0Brief Scope of Work & other specific detail

Scope of Work in the contract includes but not limited to the following:

1)Party has to Supply & install, test and commission Solar High Mast Lighting System (Green tower), as per given Technical Specification.

2)Supply including transportation, loading, unloading, Installation, Testing & commissioning of the Solar High Mast Lighting System (Green tower) at 12 locations within radius of 15 KM from NTPC Mouda.


Civil foundation work of the

Tower with foundation concrete &

grillage to be done by supplier as per the site



Supply of any other activity,

accessories not explicitly mentioned here but required for completion of the work and

proper functioning of the lighting

system, is to be done by the supplier.


The supplier has to repair /

replace all the non-functional items at free of cost as per the instructions of the EIC

(Engineer In-charge) in the warranty period.


The party has to visit thrice

in the warranty period for complete checking of

the entire system and attending any

issue or defect in the system


As per EIC instructions required details to be painted on the display board.


The agency/supplier has to demonstrate the Performance as per the specifications.


The suppliers will have to undertake repair of the system installed

by them, in case of any defect arising out of any

point of time. Supplier will attend the minor complaints within 72 hours of receiving the complaint otherwise penalty to


recovered per day as decided by the Engineer-in-incharge during

the warranty

period. The bidder has to Supply,

Install & Commission Solar High

Mast Lighting System (Green tower),

as per given

Technical Specifications.


Prospective bidders from U.P. State are compulsorily required to provide TIN number at the time of purchase of

bidding documents.


Qualifying Requirements for Bidders:

The bidders are required to fulfil the following:


The bidder must have experience of having supplied and installed Solar High mast Lighting OR High Mast Lighting.


case of experience in High Mast Lighting, additional experience in Solar Power System is required.

#Experience# stands for having successfully executed at least one number.

(b)The average annual financial turnover of the bidder during the preceding three (03) financial years as on date of bid opening shall not be less than INR 64 Lakhs (Rupees Sixty Four Lakhs only).

(c)In case where audited results for the last financial year as on the date of techno-commercial bid opening are not

available, the financial results certified by a practicing Chartered Accountant shall be considered acceptable. In case, Bidder is not able to submit the certificate from practicing Chartered Accountant certifying its financial parameters, the audited results of three consecutive financial years preceding the last financial year shall be considered for evaluating the financial parameters.



Other income shall not be considered for arriving the annual turnover.


Notwithstanding anything stated above, the Employer reserves the right to undertake a physical




capacity and capability including financial capacity and capability of the Bidder / his collaborator(s)

/ associate

(s) /

subsidiary (ies) / group company (ies) to perform the contract, should the circumstances warrant such




overall interest of the Employer. The physical assessment shall include but not be limited to the assessment of the office / facilities / bankers / reference works by the employer. A negative determination of such assessment of capacity and

capabilities may result in the rejection of the bid.

3. The word #executed# means that the bidder should have

achieved the criteria specified in the above QR within

preceding Seven (07) years period even if the contract has been

started earlier and / or is not completed / closed.

8.0Issuance of Bidding Documents to any bidder shall not construe that bidder is considered qualified.

9.0NTPC reserves the right to reject any or all bids or cancel/withdraw the NIT for the subject package without

assigning any reason whatsoever and in such case no bidder/intending bidder shall have any claim arising out of such action.

10.0 Address for Communication

Bhupesh Kumar Gupta,

Sr. Manager (C&M) 9404951712 bhupeshgupta@ntpc.co.in

R K Agrawal

DGM (C&M) 9403964660

+91 7115 281223 (FAX) rkagrawal02@ntpc.co.in

Websites: https://etender.ntpclakshya.co.in/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/bbpstart or www.ntpctender.com or www.ntpc.co.in

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