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Supply & Installation of 100 nos. solar Street Light System for Project Affected Villages of NPGC

Supply & Installation of 100 nos. solar Street Light System for Project Affected Villages of NPGC


IFB/NIT No: 0370-1516-CO-EED-00454

Date: 10.03.2016

1.0NPGC invites off-line single stage two parts bidding from eligible Bidders for aforesaid package, as per the scope of work briefly mentioned hereinafter.

2.0Brief Scope of Work & other Specific details:

It includes supply of all the materials at NSTPP site, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Solar street light system in nearby villages of NPGC with its all accessories.


4.0Detailed specification, scope of work and terms & conditions are given in the bidding documents, which are available for examination and sale at the address given below and as per the following schedule:

Bid Invitation No./NIT No.


NIT Date


Document Sale Commencement Date & Time

10.03.2016, 10:00:00 hrs

Document Sale Closing Date & Time

31.03.2016, 17:30:00 hrs

Source IFB/ NIT

Nabinagar Power Generating Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Source of Funding

Own resources

Contract Classification

Supply Cum Installation

Last Date and Time for Bid Submission



Technical Opening Date & Time



Cost of Bidding Documents in INR


Bid Security / EMD in INR

Rs. 69,000/-

Pre-bid Conference

Not applicable

Last date for Queries

07 days before Technical Bid Opening

5.0Bid Security / EMD is to be paid in the form of Bankers Cheque / Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Nabinagar Power Generating Co. Pvt. Ltd.” Payable at Majhiawan/Barun/Aurangabad,

DISTRICT: Aurangabad, Bihar”.

An irrevocable Bank Guarantee of any Nationalised or Scheduled Bank* in favour of Nabinagar Power Generating Co. Pvt. Ltd., as per NPGC pro-forma shall also be accepted as Bid Security / EMD. Pro-forma of the Bank Guarantee given in bid documents section VIII.

EMD / Bid Security of inadequate-value / unacceptable format shall not be entertained and such bids shall not be opened.

(* List of banks is given in tender documents)

5.1Bid Security” and No Deviation Certificate” shall be submitted in sealed envelopes separately offline by the stipulated bid submission closing date and time at the address given below. Any bid without an acceptable Bid Security shall be treated as non-

responsive by the employer and shall not be opened. All credentials/ filled up formats & supporting documents as asked by NPGC are to be submitted as attachments with the bid.

6.0A complete set of Bidding Documents may be downloaded by any interested Bidder on payment(non-refundable) of the cost of the documents as mentioned above in the form of a crossed account payee demand draft in favour of “Nabinagar Power Generating Co. Pvt. Ltd.” Payable at “Majhiawan/Barun/Aurangabad, DISTRICT: Aurangabad, Bihar” or directly through the payment gateway at NTPC Website www.ntpctender.com. For logging on to the website, the bidder would require User ID and Password which can be generated by him at the site (www.ntpctender.com) by registering.

7.0a) MSME / Small Scale Industries registered for similar work with the National Small Scale Industries Corporation shall be exempted from payment of tender cost / Earnest Money Deposit. SSI units registered with Bihar State SSIC are also entitled for exemption of EMD / Tender Cost. Such parties can send the request for Tender Documents along with self attested copy of certificates.

b)MSME/Small Scale Industries (SSI) registered with National Small Scale Industries Corporation (NSIC) or Directorate of Industries, Bihar State shall be exempted from payment of Security Deposit up to the monetary limit for which the unit is registered with NSIC / Bihar State Directorate of Industries.

c)Tenderers seeking exemption should enclose a photocopy of valid Registration Certificate giving details such as validity, stores and monetary limits to the Package Coordinator / AGM (C&M) at the address given below at least seven working days prior to the last date of tender fee payment for getting the authorization for participating in the tendering.

8.0Qualifying Requirements:

Following qualifying requirements shall be applicable to the subject case:-

8.1 Technical Criteria

The bidder should have executed similar work/s during the last 7(seven) years ending last day of the month previous to bid opening date, with either of the following executed value(s) of the contracts.

a) Single order of value not less than Rs. 27.36 Lakhs. OR

b) Two orders of value not less than Rs. 17.10 Lakhs each. OR

c) Three orders of value not less than Rs. 13.68 Lakhs each.


Similar work/s means any “Supply & Installation of Solar Street Lighting System”.

8.2 Financial Criteria

The average annual turnover of the Bidder, in the preceding three (3) financial years as on the date of Bid opening shall not be less than Rs. 34.20 lakhs.


I.Other income shall not be considered for arriving at annual turnover.

II.The word ‘Executed’ means bidder should have achieved the criteria specified in above QR within the preceding seven (07) years period even if the total contract has been started earlier and/or is not completed/closed.

III.In case, where audited results for the last financial year as on date of Techno commercial bid opening are not available, the financial results certified by a practicing Chartered Accountant shall be considered acceptable. In case, bidder is not able to submit the certificate from practicing Chartered Accountant certifying its financial parameters, the audited results of three consecutive

financial years preceding the last financial year shall be considered for evaluating the financial



Original documents for verifications shall be produced as and when called for.

8.3 General Requirement

Following credentials are to be submitted by the bidders along with bid documents in support of

meeting the qualifying requirements as stipulated for each package.

a)Legible copies of documents [Award Letter/BoQ/Agreement for ‘similar nature of work(s)’ and Completion Certificate/Copy of Owner certified Measurement Book(s) (MB/Bills/Receipts)] in proof of work executed, clearly indicating Total value of work executed and Period of execution in respect of the award.

b)Audited Balance sheet and Profit & Loss account for last three years.

c)Copy of Partnership deed/Affidavit for proprietorship/Certificate of incorporation.

d)Copy of PF code allotted by RPFC.

e)Copy of PAN and Service Tax Registration.

9.0Documents submitted by the Bidders should be clearly readable /comprehensible. NPGC reserves the right to discard incomplete/insufficient/unreadable documents and evaluate tenders on the basis of balance documents available with the bid which are comprehensible, relevant & acceptable.

10.0Notwithstanding anything stated above, the Employer reserves the right to assess the capabilities and capacity of the Bidder / his collaborators/ associates / subsidiaries / group companies to perform the contract, should the circumstances warrant such assessment in the overall interest of

The Employer.

11.0Bidders are requested / advised to check the Qualifying Requirements (QR) of the subject tender before downloading / buying the tender document online.

12.0Participation in the tender does not automatically mean that the bidders are considered qualified. NPGC shall evaluate the qualifying requirements of each bidder as per NIT after opening of technical bids and the bids of the bidder who is not meeting the qualifying requirement shall be treated as non-responsive. After evaluation of the technical bid, the Price bid(s) of the bidder(s) who do not meet the Qualifying Requirements shall not be opened and the same shall be returned to the bidder(s) without being opened.

13.0NPGC reserves the right to reject any or all bids or cancel/withdraw the NIT for the subject package without assigning any reason whatsoever and in such case no bidder/intending bidder

shall have any claim arising out of such action. EMD only shall be returned without any additional financial liability to NPGC.

14.0Tender documents are not transferable.

15.0If the date of bid opening coincides with a holiday, the date of bid opening shall be shifted to next working day.

16.0 NPGC shall not be responsible for any postal delay / loss / damage or non delivery of EMD / Bid Security and No Deviation Certificate”.

17.0Other terms and conditions of tender shall be as contained in Bid Documents.

18.0Address for Communication:


Nabinagar Power Generating Company Private Limited

Nabinagar Super Thermal Power Project Site Office

Sivanpur, P.O – Ankorha RS

Distt: Aurangabad, BIHAR. PIN – 824 303


: +91 9771440802(Mukesh Kumar) / +91 7781005839(Vikash Kumar)


: mukeshciv2k5@gmail.com, vikashkumar11@ntpc.co.in

chattopadhyay.subhasish@rediffmail.com, adeepu.npgc@yahoo.com


: www.ntpctender.com

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