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NLIU to switch to solar power

NLIU to switch to solar power


Bhopal: Realising that the power consumption will grow in the coming years, National Law Institute University (NLIU) has recently sent a proposal to use solar based electricity on the campus. A team of experts will be visiting the campus in the next couple of days.
NLIU campus is spread over 40 acres of land. A major part of the electricity consumption is in academic block, auditorium, library, computer lab, faculty rooms, debating halls and classrooms. NLIU’s sports facilities like a sports complex that houses a gym, facilities for table tennis, badminton, tennis, pool and other indoor games also consume a good amount of electricity.

When contacted, NLIU’s registrar Ravi Pandey said, “We have to spend around Rs 10 lakh per month on electricity consumption. Our target is to switch completely to solar energy. In the initial phase, we will try to save around Rs 1.5 lakh by using solar energy.” Buoyed by response from solar panels installed for electricity consumption for the library, Pandey said, “It has been a good experience and a cut in the power cost has forced us to think for shifting towards solar energy,” he said.

About the proposal sent by NLIU, he said, “We have requested higher authorities to make the suitable arrangements for the use of solar energy on the campus. In this regard, a team is to visit the campus in the next couple of days. The team will point the areas where there is high electricity consumption and accordingly the solar panels will be installed.”

Calling the location of the NLIU campus as best suited for producing solar power, he said, “Non-renewable energy (thermal power) is not a long lasting solution owing to uncertainty regarding availability of fossil fuel.” He added: “There is an urgent need to switch from non-renewable sources of energy to renewable sources of energy. At this stage, it is a small step but sooner the entire campus will function on solar power.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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