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Patnaites pledge for solar roof top programme.

Patnaites pledge for solar roof top programme.


Prominent intellectuals and local citizens volunteered to pledge their roof space to generate solar energy. The initiative carried out by Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) is an attempt to urge the government to come up with a programme to convert “each house into a power house”.In response to CEED’s education drive on clean energy to popularize the solar roof top programme, about 30 prominent institutions from Patna pledged 45 lakh square feet of their roof space which can potentially generate over 30 MW.

The state energy minister Bijendra Prasad Yadav while supporting the campaign said that clean source of energy such as solar is absolutely critical for growing.Noted economist and member secretary ADRI Shaibal Gupta elucidated that solar energy is absolutely essential for Bihar’s growth and development as this is the only alternative to solve our modern day energy crisis. He urged the government to come up with schemes to involve common people to be a part of this initiative.Anand Kumar, mathematician and founder of Super 30, while pledging his roof top for solar programme enunciated that solar energy is not only our future but also an engine that shall drive our economic development and must be tapped on priority.

Ramapati Kumar, CEO- CEED, welcomed the new age solar citizens and asserted that “the roof space pledged by citizens indicates that people are willing to embrace clean source of energy, reduce their electricity bill and protect environment, provided a right kind of policy and program are put in place.”Kumar further added that the act of pledging the roof space by citizens is a revolutionary step and that the government must take swift actions to achieve clean energy generation target and meet power deficit, without having to worry about large land acquisition.The campaign has by far received a tremendous response and is supported by eminent citizens of Patna which includes Anand Kumar (founder of Super 30), Shaibal Gupta (economist), Dr Amulya Singh (doctor), Dr Ajit Pradhan (cardiologist), Meenakshi Jha Banerjee (artist), Sudha Varghese (social activist), RK Sinha (dolphin man), Afzal Imam (Mayor), Swati Kumari (novelist) and the energy minister Bijendra Prasad Yadav.

Prominent institutes like Khuda Baksh Library, Gandhi Sanghrahalya, several hotels, housing societies, hospitals, schools and individuals have pledged their roof top for solar energy.Talking about development, Surabhi Shikha, Head- Renewable Energy (CEED) elaborated that if creating jobs were the real target, the government must focus on the renewable energy sector that shall produce a valuable amount of real job opportunities while simultaneously it serves as a practical response to transiting our economy from fossil fuels.CEED is currently running a campaign to educate and create a demand for solar roof top programme in Patna. The campaign is running across various platforms including social media and through several outreach programme to reach out to the masses.

As per CEED’s report “Rooftop Revolution- Uncovering Patna’s Solar Potential”, Patna can generate 277 MW of solar energy through roof top by 2025. Several state governments across the country have set their own roof top target and are simultaneously encouraging their citizens to participate in the solar roof top programme.

Source:ET Energyworld
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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