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PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day 2016 speech : What in it for Power Sector

PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day 2016 speech : What in it for Power Sector


1) Renewable energy: “We have laid emphasis on energy, specifically renewable energy in our country. There was a time, when after so many years of independence, we started working on wind energy. Within a period of last one year we have increased it up to 40%. So this is the scale of up acceleration. The whole world is focusing on Solar energy. We have increased it approximately 116%-118%. This is not only a substantial incremental change, it’s a huge leap forward. We intend to enhance the things in quantum way,” Modi said.

2) Power transmission: PM Modi said that even before his government was formed, power production took place but its transmission was a problem. “You need transmission lines and good transmission infrastructure. Two years preceding the formation of our government, 30-35 thousand kilometres of transmission lines were being laid annually. Today I wish to submit this with satisfaction that we have raised this to 50,000 kilometres,” he highlighted.

3) Solar pumps for farmers: Modi said that his government has taken a ‘big leap’ towards solar pumps. “This is so that the input cost of the farmers may be lessened. The recurring expenditure will be less. We have succeeded in distributing 77 thousands solar pumps till now,” he explained.

4) Coal production: Till a few years ago there were worries on whether power plants would have sufficient coal or not, Modi said, adding that his government’s efforts have ensured sufficient stock of coal at the threshold of the power factories.

5) Rural electrification: Talking about his promise on electrification of 18,000 villages, PM Modi said, Though we have not been able to complete even half the task within a thousand days, we are still away from the half-mark, out of the 18,000, electricity has reached 10,000 villages. I have been told that there are many among those villages who are watching Independence Day celebrations for the first time today on television in their homes. Today, from here I extend special greetings to those villages.”

6) One Nation, One Grid: Explaining the importance of this step, Modi said, “Earlier there were zones which had surplus electricity, but there was less demand. Similarly, there were zones where there was dire need of electricity and factories had to remain shut. To effect a change in this scenario, we earned a great success with the ‘One nation, One grid, One price’. Earlier it (the price) used to be Rs 10 per unit in summers, but I went to Telangana a few days back to find that it is now Rs 1.10 per unit. This is the result of one-price system, which can connect the whole country.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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