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GoodWe celebrates 10th Anniversary with most Intelligent String Inverter – HT Series 100-150kW

GoodWe celebrates 10th Anniversary with most Intelligent String Inverter – HT Series 100-150kW


With the HT-Series, GoodWe conquers the Jewel of the Crown and joins the Great League of the Solar Utility Inverter manufacturing.

GoodWe founded in 2010 with a pledge to provide hassle free solar solutions and taking responsibility for sustainable future with greener environment. GoodWe celebrates 10th Anniversary with a new member in product basket. We are pleased to introduce world’s most intelligent 1100V string inverter HT Series 150kW for utility scale projects. GoodWe being world’s leading player in Commercial & Industrial solar inverter solutions with extremely successful SMT & MT series inverters deployed across India, incorporated its decade old experience to present HT Series String Inverters. HT Series inverters have various capacity inverter range from 100kW, 120kW, 136kW and 150kW.

HT-Series range offers the largest capacity solar inverter of GoodWe product basket. HT series is made as most powerful, intelligent, and high capability (the 250kW model has the maximum DC Input Voltage at 1500V), suitable for deployment on projects of commercial & industrial rooftops and solar utilities. HT series offers 100kW-150kW models with 1100V DC input and will be available for sale from May 2020. Smaller version of 100kW will offer 10MPPTs with DC input voltage of 1100V and other 120/136/150kW will offer 12 MPPTs (also low voltage grid operational capability of 380Vac available on 100kW and 120kW inverter and high voltage 480/500/540Vac available on 136kW or 150kW).

The new HT-Series seamlessly incorporate different sets of technical strengths intended to achieve higher savings in the installation, enhancing productivity and diversifying the monitoring options available, taking safety to the maximum possible level in accordance with the most demanding national standards. This inverter also introduces innovations and technological flexibilities that make it highly compelling as a viable utility option. The result of all this extensive list of advantages is a well-conceived, harmonious, technologically advanced and asset owner-centered inverter that is also pleasant to see.

The HT-Series strengths can be broadly classified on the following categories:

  1. Strong Performance – Minimal LCOE – Higher Yield: Compatibility with bi-facial modules, the HT-Series ensures a stronger utilization of available solar energy; its 12 MPPT and its inter-operability with tracking systems, in parallel with its high efficiency and oversizing capabilities ensure outstanding energy yields. The HT also boasts string level monitoring, PLC communications and comes with Optical Fiber Ring Network for an uninterrupted strong performance.

  1. Safest Inverter of the time: The HT series offers the highest number of options to enhance the safety of operators and the whole of the installation: it boasts optional AC breakers; AFCI and Anti-PID protections and also incorporates humidity and temperature detection devices.

  1. Innovative and versatile monitoring options for lower maintenance costs: In addition to features such as compatibility with aluminum cables that allow for lower installations costs, the versatile and comprehensive monitoring options of the HT-Series ultimately help operators to ensure low maintenance costs. The HT-Series is also capable of conducting string and plant level health diagnosis; its monitoring system has the potential to be significantly maximized with the addition of weather stations and SCADA systems. Operators also will have the chance to check detected faults on USB flash disks, also deemed the “black box of the inverters”. And, for further convenience, the HT-Series has been designed to be compatible with third-party monitoring devices. Users are also able to configure its settings via Bluetooth.

On the back of a strong deployment of the GoodWe MT-Series inverter across the world, GoodWe was identified last year by IHS as 4th largest supplier of three-phase string inverters on a global scale. With expanding installations in markets such as India, Turkey, Brazil and Hungary, the 2019 was for GoodWe the year of the MT series inverters, being considered by many developers as one of the utility grade inverters with optimum price and high performance. This is a great departing point for the HT-Series and heralds for its bright future.

In this year of unprecedented challenges, the introduction of the HT-Series represents a major milestone in our history that will exhibit optimized future of the solar industry. The GoodWe team expects HT-Series considered as a supply necessity for new utility projects all over the world and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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