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Push for electric vehicle charging network

Push for electric vehicle charging network


Building a national network of electric vehicle fast-charging stations has been flagged as a high-priority project by Infrastructure Australia.

But the Electric Vehicle Council fears government inaction will prevent it happening.

More Australians would purchase an electric vehicle if there was appropriate infrastructure, the council says.

“Australians can and should be able to drive all over this massive nation with complete confidence in a zero-emission vehicle,” Electric Vehicle Council chief Behyad Jafari said.

“The technology exists. We just need the political will to make it happen.

“As Infrastructure Australia correctly points out, the price of EVs is dropping and range is rising.”

The charging network was named on Thursday as one of IA’s 29 high-priority initiatives for the nation.

IA is an independent statutory body with the role of prioritising and progressing nationally significant infrastructure.

A federal inquiry into electric vehicles last month found drivers are being put off buying them because of high up-front costs, concerns about driving range, lack of recharging facilities and limited model availability.

The report also recommended the federal government set a target of 25 per cent of electric cars and buses by 2025 and 30 per cent of commercial vehicles by the same year.

Source: theherald.com.au
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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