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RelyOn Completes 4.6 MW Solar power plant with its indigenous tracker 

RelyOn Completes 4.6 MW Solar power plant with its indigenous tracker 


Located in the Jahu, Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh the project is a 4.6 MW operation solar ground-mounted project which deploys 14,375 panels spread across 27 acres. The project is constructed by RelyOn Solar, one of the top solar EPC in India know for highest power generation per kWp basis and their innovative customized solutions including leakage proof solar roofs, Solar car park, DG & UPS synchronization, Off- Grid solution with advanced storage systems and many more.

The plant produces an impressive 69,00,000 units every year, and prevents  207,000 T of CO emissions. The plants CO2 savings is equivalent to Plantation of 8,28,000 Trees for the plant lifetime.The project uses RelyOn Solar’s completely indigenous single axis row trackers launched in April 2017 and is the only Indian tracker which allows two panels in portrait mode thereby accommodating the highest number of panels (up to 120 panels) per row.

This allows for better land coverage and much lesser civil works allowing faster installation.The tracker has a robust gearbox and DC motor design for each row which allows adaptive backtracking for an individual row, thereby increasing the output.The key components are virtually maintenance free. The lack of connecting links between rows allows easy cleaning of panels. It also allows solar farming, as the row pitch is large enough to allow farm equipment, like tractors and tillers and small vehicles to move in between rows.

The independently powered row design allows installation on slopes and can accommodate the land contours. It also obviates the need to stop the complete plant tracking, as individual row can be taken for maintenance separately.The specially designed bearing system is flexible enough to allow bearing change during operation, eliminating the need to stop the plant.With the solar module prices bottoming out and even strengthening, solar trackers particularly flexible solutions like RelyOn Solar’s tacker provide a means to project developers to improve their project returns, reduce payback times and lower the LCOE. It offers a net benefit of 7-13% in the generation and 3-5% in project IRR, after considering incremental tracker costs.

Source: RelyOnSolar
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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