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Rooftop solar energy system in Ooty

Rooftop solar energy system in Ooty


While rooftop solar energy systems are becoming popular in cities such as Coimbatore, it is now entering hill stations too. N. Mohanraj, a resident of Udhagamandalam, has installed one KW rooftop solar energy system in his 800-sq.ft house and connected the system to the grid.

“This is the first grid-connected rooftop solar energy system in Udhagamandalam. We need to see how energy generation will be, given the cold climate in the Nilgiris. There is one such system in Coonoor,” said an official of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation.

The system is expected to generate three units to six units of energy a day and it can be used for all the lights, washing machine, and refrigerator at home. “Many residents have solar water heaters. But, this is the first application we received for grid-connected rooftop system,” the official added.

Mr. Mohanraj says he already has a 700 watt solar energy system at his house in which the energy generated is stored in the battery and then used.

“The energy generated was going waste as I was unable to use the entire energy generated. Hence, I decided to go in for a grid-connected system,” he said.

The rooftop system that has net metering is now generating about three units of energy a day now. But, it is rainy season and the generation is expected to go up in summer, he said.

Mr. Mohanraj has invested Rs. 66,000 for the one KW system. “It is totally out of personal interest. I will reduce my carbon footprint,” he said.

Source:The Hindu
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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