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Rooftop solar plant applications gather dust

Rooftop solar plant applications gather dust


Electricity consumers, who opt for rooftop solar energy systems, are unable to do so because of lack of net meters (bi-directional meters).

According to K. Kathirmathiyon, secretary of Coimbatore Consumer Cause, consumers who installed the solar energy systems are unable to use it for more than seven months now because of non-availability of the meters. In Coimbatore alone, over 150 consumer are waiting after installation of the solar equipment and obtaining safety certificate. From August last year applications are said to be pending.

Net metering enables consumers feed excess power generated into the grid. The State Government offered several incentives to encourage solar energy generation, especially at houses and commercial establishments.

“If Tangedco could not supply net meters, at least consumers should be allowed to purchase at their cost and install the same, so that the purpose of spending money on solar energy could be availed of by the consumers,” he said in a communication to the chairman of Tangedco.

An official of Tangedco here said that orders have been placed for the meters and these are expected shortly.

Mr. Kathirmathiyon added that if a consumer wanted to enhance the capacity of solar power from the existing load – from one KW to two KW – he will not be able to do so. He should surrender the entire connection and apply for new service connection for his house. Similarly, though banking is allowed for one year, the consumer is unable to know the import and export of power as these are not recorded in the meter card and is not available on the website. Such issues need to be addressed to encourage installation of rooftop solar energy systems.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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