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Schneider Electric powers Delhi’s mega wastewater plant – EQ

Schneider Electric powers Delhi’s mega wastewater plant – EQ


In Short : Schneider Electric is powering Delhi’s mega wastewater plant. This partnership underscores the company’s commitment to sustainable solutions, contributing to efficient and environmentally friendly wastewater management in the capital city.

In Detail : Schneider Electric is supporting the Namami Gange initiative by facilitating the sustainable automation of India’s Largest Single Stage Wastewater Treatment Plant in Delhi, reports Times Tech. Partnering with SUEZ, Schneider Electric is leading the charge in sustainable energy management and next-generation automation solutions for this cutting-edge facility in Delhi.

With the capacity to treat 564 million liters per day of sewage, this state-of-the-art plant is poised to serve the needs of approximately 30 million residents in the national capital. Designed in alignment with the Delhi Jal Board Yamuna Action Plan, the plant aims to significantly improve water quality and reduce pollution in the river. Notably, it’s engineered for self-sufficiency, with around 50% of its energy needs met through biogas production.

Deepak Sharma, Zone President of Greater India and MD & CEO of Schneider Electric India, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainable water management. He stressed the importance of innovative digital solutions in addressing India’s water challenges and highlighted Schneider Electric’s role in automating this transformative project.

Arvind Kakru, Vice President of Industrial Automation for the Greater India Zone, underscored Schneider Electric’s dedication to sustainability and digitalization. He highlighted the company’s EcoStruxure portfolio as a leading solution driving efficiency, sustainability, and operational reliability.

The plant operates as a fully automated facility, utilizing Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled EcoStruxure platform for complete control. Advanced technologies, including EcoStruxure Process Expert Automation platform, Altivar Process Drives, Altivar Soft Starters, Micom relays, Transformers, and MV & LV solutions, ensure secure, efficient, and sustainable wastewater treatment.

Through collaboration with SUEZ, Schneider Electric has delivered advanced digital solutions, seamlessly integrating electrical and automation systems within the plant. This enhances operational efficiency, reliability, and uptime, with a focus on long-term service support.

Recognizing the critical need for clean water and the environmental impact of wastewater treatment, Schneider Electric’s solutions aim to enhance energy efficiency, facilitate the transition to sustainable energy, and contribute to decarbonizing infrastructure. The company remains committed to driving sustainable practices and environmental responsibility, working towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions and ensuring a positive impact on communities and the planet.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network