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Shell launches incubator to support energy startups, find innovative solutions to solve global energy crisis

Shell launches incubator to support energy startups, find innovative solutions to solve global energy crisis


The Shell E4 (Energizing and Enabling Energy Entrepreneurs) programme is scouting for entrepreneurs, startups with innovative business models, technology ideas and products. The startup should be in early, pilot, or post-pilot stages with a potential to impact the future of energy.

India is home to 18% of the world’s population but uses less than 6% of the world’s primary energy (Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation report). India’s energy consumption has almost doubled since 2000 and the potential for further rapid growth is enormous. India’s economy is growing rapidly and energy is the key to support India’s development, to bring electricity to those who remain without it, to fuel the demand for greater mobility and to develop the infrastructure to meet the needs of what is soon expected to be the world’s most populous country.

Growing urbanisation and industrialisation will stretch the already fraught natural resources. Adding to the bleak scenario is the climate change caused by emissions and pollutants.

With this situation, what was a luxury few years ago, is a necessity today. Like many other sectors, startups have upped their game of innovation in energy and solving the problems to make way for our sustainable future. Whether it’s waste management or alternative energy or energy value chain, one can notice a significant development.

Technological innovations, improved policy frameworks and economies of scale have resulted in reducing the costs of renewable energy technologies and providing cleaner energy solutions for tomorrow. To boost this further and to encourage key innovations like increased efficiency in production and distribution, blockchain solutions for supply chain, micro grid management and mobility solutions; an active participation from the key partners of the ecosystem is much needed.

Powering the change
With the vision to bring more ‘energy’ to the Indian startup community, Shell India is inviting all energy and IT startups to enter its pan-India programme, Shell E4 (Energizing and Enabling Energy Entrepreneurs). Global oil and gas major Shell believe that the energy sector’s evolving ecosystem urgently needs innovative solutions to meet the world’s growing energy needs, and has been actively working with governments, industry experts, academics and IT minds to enable this. From developing advanced fuels to focusing on producing cleaner energy solutions to creating a ‘New Energy’ business that explores new commercial models focused on the world’s energy transition, improving its IT processes, to launching an accelerator for energy startups, the company’s focus has been to improve and strengthen the energy ecosystem.

Now, with the launch of the Shell E4 (Energizing and Enabling Energy Entrepreneurs) incubator programme, the company is looking to bring to light newer and innovative solutions and technologies that can impact the future of energy.

Commenting on the launch of the programme, Nitin Prasad, Chairman, Shell Companies in India, said, “At Shell, we believe that the answers to energy challenges lie in the power of innovation. With this programme, we aim to provide a platform to energy startups that have the potential to impact the future of energy. The Shell E4 Program provides a platform for collaboration and conversation around valuable energy transitions, offering startups an opportunity to bring their ideas to life with Shell’s guidance and support”

Shell E4 will kick off with a six month-programme for the first cohort of startups being held from December 2017-May 2018. Shell will work with the selected startups, giving them access to Shell’s expertise in technology development and product commercialisation, along with mentorship and a fixed investment. In future, Shell will be offering additional programs to the startups.

Last date to receive applications is November 17. Apply today.

Why should you apply?
World-class Infrastructure: The selected startups will have a chance to avail of world class IT infrastructure at Shell’s Technology Labs, where product development and testing will take place. Additionally, they will have a chance to interact with other leading energy startups in the vicinity, giving them a chance to learn from, and network with peers.

Mentorship and advice: The incubated startups will get technical and commercial advice and mentorship from subject matter experts in the organisation. They will also get to interact with industry leaders and academicians, and also be advised on organisational functions such as HR and legal matters.

Access to Capital: In addition to investment of up to $20,000, the selected startups also have a chance to receive further funding through Shell investment arms. They will also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to external investors who they will interact with during the incubation period.

Access to Customers: The chance to work with Shell as a customer, if their ideas are relevant to the business, is a valuable opportunity for the startups. In fact, they will have a chance to get access to the global energy giant’s network of partners and customers, both in India and abroad.

The Bengaluru buzz: Since the programme will be hosted out of the Shell Technology Centre Bengaluru (STCB) in startup hub Bengaluru, participants can take full advantage of the vibrant ecosystem offered by the city.

Who can apply
If you are a startup (early stage, pilot or post pilot), operating in an Indian city and work in any of the areas mentioned below, you are eligible to apply:

Conventional Oil and Gas:Improving production efficiency and safety; wastewater management; enhanced hydrocarbon recovery
Distribution in Energy Storage: Micro-grid management; smart metering; efficiency in distribution network; batteries/hydrogen/fuel cell
Digitalisation: Predictive Maintenance solutions for the Oil & Gas market; Blockchain solutions for the Supply Chain
Mobility Solution: Transport safety; LNG in transport (buses/trucks); clean technology (electric vehicles)
Waste Management: Waste-to-energy segregation
Environment: Energy efficiency; reducing CO2 emission
Renewable Energy: Solar energy, wind energy, bio-gas/biodiesel
Energy Access: Energy as an enabler, technology, services and business models
So if you believe that your solution can power an energy-rich future, don’t miss the chance to be a part of this programme.

Last date to receive applications is November 17. Apply today.

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Are you an early stage energy startup? The Shell E4 programme is scouting for entrepreneurs, startups with innovative business models, technology ideas and products with a potential to impact the future of energy. Last date to apply is November 17.

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