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Solar energy to become main pillar in India’s renewables target

Solar energy to become main pillar in India’s renewables target


Though coal will continue to be India’s main source of power, solar power will account for around 18% of it by 2030 compared with only 1% at present.India estimates 175,000 MW of renewable power by 2022 which it aims to ramp up to 250 GW by 2030.According to government officials, who did not wish to be identified, solar energy will become the main pillar in India’s target to achieving 40% installed power capacity from renewable energy by 2030.Ahead of the global climate summit at Paris starting 30 November, India last month submitted its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) where it committed to achieve 40% power installed capacity from renewable power.

India has a solar generation capacity of 2,900MW. But Bharatiya Janata Party-led government substantially revised an earlier target of achieving 20,000MW capacity by 2022 to 100,000MW, unveiling the world’s most ambitious solar power generation programme. This would require an investment of around Rs.6.5 trillion over five years.The government also estimates that wind energy generation will be at 10% from the current 9% while nuclear power would remain at 2%, as at present.“Generation of hydroelectric power will, however, decrease from the present 17% to 9%. Coal power that accounts for 61% of electricity generation would be reduced to 57% in 2031,” the official added.

Another official, who also did not wish to be identified, said that if India needs to meet energy needs of its citizens by 2030, then the total installed capacity would be in excess of 8,00,000 MW from the present 2,60,000 MW.Replying a query about India’s non-negotiables at the Paris summit, the official said, “India will not negotiate unilaterally or whose outcome it can guarantee unilaterally.”“India’s policy is set out in the insertions that the country and other nations sharing its stand have placed within the draft recently finalised at Bonn for negotiations in Paris summit. At the Paris meet, it is important that there is an agreement that is broad, over-arching and enables full, effective and sustainable implementation of the climate change convention, which is the goal,” the official added.

Source: livemint
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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