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Solar Farm Companies Stock Explode in Wake of De-Regulation

Solar Farm Companies Stock Explode in Wake of De-Regulation


Nationwide De-Regulation is in full swing these days all across the nation as large power users now have the ability to enter into long term contracts and lock in cheaper power prices with Clean Energy Individual Power Producers (IPP’s) like Innovative Solar Systems. Solar power is now cheaper to produce that both coal and natural gas and companies like Innovative Solar Systems based in Asheville, NC is now selling power to large Corporations all across America via Virtual Purchase Power Agreements (PPA’s). Large Solar Farm companies like ISS are now able to produce large blocks of power and wheel it on the grid to the end user. In this scenario, large corporations are now able to secure 10, 15, 20 and 25 year contracts on their power w/ ISS and thus save money long term by having a choice in who they buy their power from and how much they pay for that power.

It’s no secret that power is the #1 raw material cost for any corporation so when companies are able to save 10% on their annual power usage via these long term PPA contracts from companies like Innovative Solar Systems they are essentially increasing company profits by that same amount. Smarter and larger corporations like the Apple’s and Google’s of America are choosing to own the Solar Farm plants to take full advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credits while saving money on their power usage and making returns in multiple areas from these deals. Solar Farm plants not only provide clean renewable energy, they are some of the safest, and most reliable energy plants in America to easily maintain over the life of the plant which is typically forty (40) years or longer.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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