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Solar Farm IPP Offering Cut Rate Long Term Power Contracts to Texas Companies

Solar Farm IPP Offering Cut Rate Long Term Power Contracts to Texas Companies


The grid in Texas is de-regulated which means that Independent Power Producers (IPPs) like Innovative Solar Systems can produce power in Texas from their dozens of Utility Scale Solar Farm projects and then sell that power to whomever they choose, at whatever price they choose, for any length of time they choose. By Texas companies entering into long term Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs) with companies like ISS they are assured to place a cap on their power prices and control these costs for periods as long as 25 years out in the future. Electricity is typically the largest raw material cost of any commercial, industrial, or manufacturing type company so by saving Millions of Dollars per year on power costs companies can immediately add profits to their bottom line without modifying their processes or procedures.

Innovative Solar Systems currently has enough Solar Farm projects in Texas alone to supply the power needs of approximately 50-100 large scale users of power in that state and surrounding areas. If a large user of power in Texas is able to lock into a power rate with a company like ISS today, at today’s prices, and then keep those prices fixed over time with minimal inflationary changes throughout 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 year contracts the savings is astronomical and certainly makes the company much more profitable without spending a dime to enhance their process. The added benefits of Texas companies buying clean and green renewable energy are carbon offsets and the fact these large companies can now sell themselves as good stewards of America’s natural resources as well as protecting their stock holders’ best interests by cutting costs and increasing profits.

Innovative Solar Systems is one of the few large scale producers of Solar Energy that sells their power on the open grid and will enter into long term contracts with just about any large, credit worthy user of power in the US. Some large Texas companies will not only want to enter into long term power contracts with ISS, they will also want to invest into the individual Solar Farm projects for the tax benefits and ISS has a history of selling its projects to others if the financials work out for both parties. Whether you are seeking to save millions on your yearly power costs in Texas or if you would like to invest in or own one of these Texas Solar Farm projects please contact us today to learn more.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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