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Solar PV Engineer


Job description

Exp: 2-5 years; Role and Responsibilities

Determine appropriate s, ratings, and locations for all system overcurrent devices, disconnect devices, grounding equipment, and surge suppression equipment.

Determine connection interfaces for additional subpanels or for connecting photovoltaic (PV) systems with utility services or other power generation sources.

Determine photovoltaic (PV) system designs or congurations based on factors such as customer needs, expectations, and site conditions.

Diagram layouts and locations for photovoltaic (PV) arrays and equipment, including existing building or site features.

Examine designs to determine current requirements for all parts of the photovoltaic (PV) system electrical circuit. Identify and resolve any de ciencies in photovoltaic (PV) system installation or materials.

Identify electrical, environmental, and safety hazards associated with photovoltaic (PV) installations.

Identify installation locations with proper orientation, area, solar access, or structural integrity for photovoltaic (PV) arrays.

Identify methods for laying out, orienting, and mounting modules or arrays to ensure ecient installation, electrical con guration, or system maintenance.

Measure and analyze system performance and operating parameters to assess operating condition of systems or equipment. Select mechanical designs, installation equipment, or installation plans that conform to environmental, architectural, structural, site, and code requirements.

Compile or maintain records of system operation, performance, and maintenance. Demonstrate system functionality and performance, including start-up, shut-down, normal operation, and emergency or bypass operations.

Determine materials, equipment, and installation sequences necessary to maximize installation eciency. Quali cations and Education Requirements Bachelors Degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering 2 years relevant experience in Solar Industry.

Project sales of solar products and accessories. Competitive Analysis, Understanding the Customer and Client Relationships Preferred Skills Pro cient in Microsoft Oce pack and AutoCAD Strong communication and interpersonal skills Strong presentation skills in written responses to emails, RFPs, and when submitting reports

Desired Skills and Experience

AutoCAD , Select mechanical designs , installation equipment , Identify methods for laying out , Determine photovoltaic ( PV ) system designs.

Name: Maxwatt Solar Company LocationKollam, IN

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