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Solar scam: BJP demands Chandy’s resignation

Solar scam: BJP demands Chandy’s resignation


BJP recently demanded immediate resignation of Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy saying he has no “locus standi” to be in his chair following state vigilance court’s order that an FIR be registered against him in the solar scam.

Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also hit out at the Congress high command for “looking the other way” in cases of corruption involving its state leaders and said that it should now “speak out”.

“Vigilance court has asked that an FIR be filed. It cannot be graver than this. BJP demands that the chief minister resign immediately. The CM has no locus standi to be in his chair.

“On this, the Congress high command will have to speak out. Kerala government is reeling under one corruption charge or other,” she told reporters here.

She also referred to the resignation of the state’s Finance Minister and Excise Minister over corruption charges and graft allegations being leveled against the Power Minister.

Asked about Chandy’s defense, she shot back “I don’t think he has a choice”.

When the charges were first made against him, Congress leaders claimed that it was merely an allegation and not verified but the court’s direction underlined their seriousness, she said.

“These are not light and frivolous allegations but very serious charges,” Sitharaman said.

Taking a jibe at Chandy, she said the chief minister recently sat through a “gruelling session of questioning” not on matter of governance but corruption.

“One cannot hope much from the Congress high command because it has looked the other way on corruption. Congress moves from one issue to another (to target BJP) but will somebody from its high command go to Kerala and speak on corruption?” she said.

The reaction came after a vigilance court today ordered registration of an FIR against Chandy and Power Minister Arayadan Mohammed in connection with the solar scam.

Targeting Chandy and Mohammed, prime accused in the solar scam, Saritha S Nair had alleged that she had paid bribes totalling Rs 1.90 crore to a close aide of the chief minister while Rs 40 lakh had been given to the Power Minister.

Asked about a global human rights body’s reported concerns over human rights in India, she said it should do more home work as the country stands out as a multi-cultural society which is recognised by experts abroad.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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