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Solare Datensysteme GmbH cooperates with Solarzentrum Stuttgart

Solare Datensysteme GmbH cooperates with Solarzentrum Stuttgart


Solar-Log™ is the leader when it comes to monitoring PV plants and error detection. In addition, Solar-Log™ can flexibly regulate the amount of energy fed into the power grid and intelligently control and prioritize the self-consumption of power.

Solarzentrum Stuttgart is a leading company in examining PV modules for hidden damage – directly after delivery, upon acceptance of the delivery, in the event of an insurance claim or before the warranty period ends. With special technology, problems associated with PV modules, e.g. manufacturing defects, hail damages and glass breakage, can be thoroughly analyzed and reliably resolved – also pin pointing the cause of the problem.

The cooperation between SDS and Solarzentrum Stuttgart optimizes the entire process, from PV module error detection to troubleshooting.

Solar-Log™ detects errors at a PV plant immediately and informs the plant operator about the malfunction and/or yield losses. If the contracted installer cannot find any faults with the PV plant, Solarzentrum Stuttgart can analyze the plant and identify defective modules.

Solarzentrum Stuttgart is equipped with innovative measurement technology to optically inspect solar cells and modules with electroluminescence and photoluminescence.

As part of the cooperation, both companies will organize a joint event on the Quality of PV Plants and Yield Risks, start joint projects on detailed analysis of basis for reporting and participate at trade fairs together. Special product packages (O&M) will be a tangible aspect of the cooperation and provide customers additional benefits.

Solarzentrum Stuttgart (SZS)

Solarzentrum Stuttgart (SZS) is the global leader in providing devices and services for high-definition and detailed electroluminescence (EL) inspections of PV modules in day light.

In April 2014, Solarzentrum Stuttgart GmbH was set up as a separate company from the Institute for Photovoltaics (ipv) at the University of Stuttgart and is renowned for its manufacturing of innovative EL measurement technology DaySyTM that is used internationally at large PV plants.

The founders of SZS have years of experience in the inspection of PV systems as TÜV certified experts. They are also distinguished by their in-depth knowledge from solar cell research, development and characterization.

More information about Solarzentrum Stuttgart can be found at www.solarzentrum-stuttgart.com

Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS)

Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS), based in the German city of Geislingen-Binsdorf, is one of the leading companies in the areas of solar monitoring, smart energy and feed-in management with global service for operators and installers. Since August 2015, SDS is a subsidiary of BKW AG (Bern, Switzerland) – a global company for energy and infrastructure with more than 6000 employees. SDS specializes in developing and distributing monitoring systems for photovoltaic plants, with core competencies that include innovative products with short development cycles and the best price-performance ratio.

SDS is the manufacturer of the Energy Management System Solar-Log™, which consists of the Solar-Log™ device family and the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ Portal. The system is currently installed in 100 countries – monitoring 267,311 plants with a total output of 11.93 GWp. In addition, Solar-Log™ is compatible with over 1,700 inverter models from 100 different manufacturers and with more than 100 component manufacturers.

SDS solutions make an important contribution to the successful integration of renewable energy into an intelligent power grid and help to make the successful transition to clean energy a reality.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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