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Sungrow’s 4MW Project in Ukraine Successfully Connected to Grid

Sungrow’s 4MW Project in Ukraine Successfully Connected to Grid


Sungrow, the world’s largest PV inverter manufacturer, announces the successful connection to the grid of a 4MW project in extremely harsh conditions. The project uses Sungrow’s SG60KTL string inverter and is located in the Ukraine.

This project is located in Vysokopillya, Southern Ukraine, where heavy rainfall, snow, and freezing rain have frequently posed challenges for solar inverters. With temperatures below freezing for months of the year, the SG60KTL’s working conditions have been severely tested. The SG60KTL is capable of working stably in temperatures ranging from -25℃ to 60℃, which has been proven by continuing to work in the extreme weather conditions in places such as Vysokopillya.

Sungrow’s SG60KTL string inverter employed in this project has a class-leading high power density of up to 60KW and weighs only 55KG. With 99% maximum efficiency, high reliability, and smart functions the SG60KTL is the choice in solar plants across global markets.

“Sungrow’s products with good quality, enable us to be confident when facing the terrible weather conditions. We are glad to make the right decision with the SG60KTL, particularly because of it’s high efficiency and low fault rate. We benefit a lot from this cooperation with Sungrow,” said the project manager from Work Team s.r.o., a company focusing on EPC business.

“Sungrow is committed to technical innovation and we will continue to offer leading products and services to customers in markets across the world. Our role in the Vysokopillya project demonstrates the versatility of our inverters, which can be deployed in any climate, altitude, and other difficult tconditions,” said Professor Renxian Cao, President of Sungrow.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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