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Sunvik Steels partners with Dexler Energy to develop 13 MW rooftop solar in Karnataka

Sunvik Steels partners with Dexler Energy to develop 13 MW rooftop solar in Karnataka


Sunvik Steels, one of the oldest and most renowned integrated steel manufacturers in India, and a pioneer in switching to the green steel model in the country, has partnered with Dexler Energy, India’s fastest growing solar developer, for its Solar plans. Rooftop plants of 13 MW will be installed across two different project locations at their facilities near Bangalore and will provide 10% of the company’s electricity.

Sunvik Steels will reduce consumption from grid power and diesel generators and will help avoid putting 18980 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually.

Commenting on the projects Vivek Kejriwal, Managing Director of Sunvik Steels said, “Solar is the future and Sunvik, a pioneer in its industry, was among the few manufacturers in the country to build a 10 MW captive power plant and switching its operation to a green steel model”.

“Sunvik has always strived to adopt sustainable measures in its manufacturing process and this partnership to build 13 MW for captive consumption is a step in that direction.”

With the addition of these plants, 75% of the power for Sunvik Steels will be from clean sources.

“Sunvik aims to become a firm which runs 100% on clean energy. We are very pleased to join forces with Dexler Energy for a net-zero future for our firm.”

Co-founder and Chief executive officer of Dexler Energy, Ravi Kumar added, “We are proud to be the clean energy partner with a distinguished player like Sunvik Steels, which occupies a unique and important position in the steel manufacturing space in India”

“Once fully developed these projects will be among the largest rooftop projects in the country.”

“We are happy to note that the solar power supplied to Sunvik Steels will save 50% of costs on the grid tariff, providing significant cost savings and environmental benefits as well.”

About Dexler Energy

Dexler Energy is a solar developer and helps MSMEs adopt solar in a simple and effective way. Since 2015 Dexler Energy has developed more than 85 MW in solar project capacity in the country, and helped corporates across sectors such as textiles, IT, manufacturing, educational institutions and government bodies reduce their impact on the environment while also leveraging on the cost and value benefits of green energy.

Dexler Energy’s client portfolio includes Shahi Exports, Indian Railways, and other leading manufacturers across India. In just five years, Dexler Energy has contributed significantly to India’s green energy landscape, and is pioneering the utilisation of solar assets as viable agricultural units, thus closing the loop on truly sustainable ventures.

To know more, please visit www.dexlenergy.com

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network