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Power markets prefer renewable energy amid falling demand: Moody’s

“Coal generation has continued to decline, while renewables have shown more resilience across major markets in the US, Europe, China and India,” stated the report. NEW DELHI: The clean energy transition might be accelerated due to the covid-19 pandemic that has shown that power markets prefer renewable energy amidst falling demand, a Moody’s report suggests. […]

Solar Energy Industry – Design for Disruption

World nations failing the poorest on energy goals: study

More than 150 million people are gaining access to electricity every year, reducing the ranks of those who live without power, but this is not enough to meet global development goals, according to a report released Wednesday. Furthermore, efforts to cut pollution from cooking food and promote renewable power for heat and transportation are likewise […]

ANU Unveils Solar-to-Hydrogen Cells Made of Silicon and Perovskite with Conversion Efficiency of 17.6%

Energy Commission Awards Nearly $11 Million to Support Clean Energy Projects

SACRAMENTO: The California Energy Commission today approved nearly $11 million for clean energy demonstration projects, including biofuels, renewable gas, and microgrids. The Energy Commission approved a $2 million grant to Technology & Investment Solutions to demonstrate a more sustainable and cost-effective process of creating biomethane from food waste at an existing anaerobic digester in El […]

BP’s green energy targets will be tough to meet

Plant-based fuels commercially viable: Study

Sustainable plant-based bio-jet fuels could provide a competitive alternative to conventional petroleum fuels if current development and scale-up initiatives continue to push ahead successfully, scientists say. With an estimated daily fuel demand of more than five million barrels per day, the global aviation sector is incredibly energy-intensive and almost entirely reliant on petroleum-based fuels. Unlike […]

Solar Energy Industry – Design for Disruption

Interim Budget 2019: What the biofuel industry needs

The industry needs incentivisation to set-up bio-fuel plants in the agrarian hubs like Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. India is the third largest importer of petroleum products in the world. The import of petroleum products is one of the key causes for the foreign trade imbalance. In order to mitigate the challenges of rising oil […]

Solar cameras to track snow leopards near Army & ITBP camps in upper reaches of Himalayas

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