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Ed’s note: Signing up for solar power and distributed energy resources

Well, that is, in theory, partly correct – but only if you had included the hefty cost of battery storage. It’s the stored power that will safely see you through prolonged periods of outages as well as when the weather is uncooperative. Having spoken to several people who bought into a solar system, one common […]

EU-Africa Green Talks in Madrid: A green future for Africa

Siemens and Macquarie Form Calibrant Energy to Tackle Distributed Energy Market

The two are joining up on a distributed energy venture to sell energy-as-a-service. Macquarie Capital and Siemens have formed a joint venture to finance and build distributed energy projects, joining an increasingly competitive landscape in the growing corporate renewables market, the two announced this week. The partnership, called Calibrant Energy, will initially focus its energy-as-a-service […]

Sunrun Surges on Upgrade as Solar Power Shows Growth Trends

Sonnen Brings Virtual Power Plants to California Apartment Complexes

  The German battery system vendor and its real-estate partner Wasatch Group see grid services as key to multifamily solar-storage. Multifamily housing is a hard nut to crack for solar and battery developers. Sonnen and Wasatch Group say that bundling the value of solar and storage for tenants, property owners, outside investors, utilities and grid […]

Sunrun Surges on Upgrade as Solar Power Shows Growth Trends

With 2 Weeks to Go, Builders Brace for California’s 2020 Home Solar Mandate

An in-depth look at the preparations and lingering controversies around California’s landmark home solar requirement. One in five newly constructed California homes now comes topped with a solar installation. Starting in January, that needs to jump to five out of five. A year ago, California gave final approval to updated building codes that require all […]

Morgan Stanley aims to support $750 bln in low-carbon investments by 2030

Will Your EV Keep the Lights On When the Grid Goes Down?

Home battery systems can help during power outages. So can the battery packs rolling around in electric vehicles. Last month’s preventative power shutoffs in California highlighted the vulnerability of the electricity grid to threats exacerbated by a changing climate. In the wake of the forced outages, much has been written about the ability of solar […]

Electric Car: Mercedes takes fight to Tesla

Massachusetts Grid Study Disrupts 1GW Distributed Solar Pipeline

Developers say National Grid’s “cluster study” could delay projects. The utility says it must weigh the impact of a rush of DG solar. A National Grid transmission study has ensnared nearly 1 gigawatt of distributed solar in Massachusetts, delaying progress on numerous projects as the federal Investment Tax Credit phaseout approaches and causing anxiety in […]

Morgan Stanley aims to support $750 bln in low-carbon investments by 2030

Joint Research Agreement for P2P Energy Trading Between Individuals Using Distributed Energy Resources

Tohoku Electric Power and Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions (hereinafter “Toshiba ESS”) have today entered into an agreement to conduct joint research on electricity trading between individuals (P2P* energy trading) using distributed energy resources. In this joint research, Tohoku Electric Power will mainly be configuring settings of the simulation conditions (solar energy generation, battery prevalence rate, […]

Electric vehicle tax leaves SA stalled at innovation gate

Navigant Research Report Shows Global New Capacity Deployments of Distributed Energy Resources Are Outpacing the Deployment of New Centralized Generation Capacity

Impact on incumbent utility revenue will become more pronounced as deployments of distributed generation, plug-in electric vehicles, and demand response gain more traction BOULDER, Colo.: A new report from Navigant Research provides capacity and revenue forecasts for 12 leading distributed energy resources (DER) technology markets globally. The global electric power industry is facing a transformation […]

Rating on Azure Power Solar’s notes unaffected by sale of rooftop projects

Sunrun: Localized Solar and Batteries Reduce Grid Fire Risk

Distributed energy can decrease sag on distribution wires and provide local power if the broader grid goes down, the company argues. California is scrambling to prevent a repeat of deadly wildfires caused by the electrical grid, and Sunrun wants to help. The home solar and storage installer argues in a report out today that these […]

Morgan Stanley aims to support $750 bln in low-carbon investments by 2030

New York Gov. Launches ‘Green New Deal’ With Accelerated Clean Energy Targets

Cuomo’s 2019 agenda calls for doubling distributed solar by 2025 and nearly quadrupling offshore wind by 2035. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of a “Green New Deal” initiative Tuesday, responding to pressure for bold climate action from progressives and clean energy advocates. The plan, outlined in Cuomo’s 2019 Justice Agenda, calls for […]

Morgan Stanley aims to support $750 bln in low-carbon investments by 2030