Form Energy Raises $40M Series B for Super-Long-Duration Grid Storage

Italy’s Eni joins list of heavyweight backers as Massachusetts-based Form looks to unlock “baseload renewables.” Long-duration storage startup Form Energy thought that solving the problem of months-long grid storage would take a decade. But its last year of work advanced faster than expected. Based on that progress, the team of industry veterans has fast-tracked development […]

Livguard bets big on lithium-ion batteries

The Gurugram-based firm raised ₹170 crore funding from private equity firm ChrysCapital in April Launched in 2014, the energy solutions brand is part of the SAR Group founded by Rakesh Malhotra and Navneet Kapoor Mumbai: Livguard Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which makes automotive batteries, inverters, stabilizers and residential solar solutions, is betting on lithium-ion batteries for […]

KION Group and BMZ Holding to launch joint venture for lithium-ion batteries

Leading global provider of intralogistics solutions and a European market leader for lithium-ion battery system solutions forge strategic alliance, with each to hold a 50% stake in the joint venture: KION Battery Systems. KION Group AG, a leading global provider of intralogistics solutions, will join forces with BMZ Holding GmbH to form a joint venture […]

Shortage of Lithium-ion Batteries: How to Cope

Shortage of lithium-ion batteries is probable. Too few gigafactories. Too many burning batteries: factories shut to sort out their problems. The US-China trade war cuts off materials. Inadequate lithium or cobalt mining. Electric vehicle demand is probably being underestimated. Expect cost parity with conventional cars in 3-7 years when range demanded by most prospective buyers […]

Expanding the temperature range of lithium-ion batteries

Electric cars struggle with extreme temperatures, mainly because of impacts on the electrolyte solutions in their lithium-ion batteries. Now, researchers have developed new electrolytes containing multiple additives that work better over a wide temperature range. They report their results in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in cell phones, laptop computers […]