Modular Microgrid Startup Raises $300 Million

Private equity firm Warburg Pincus saw an opportunity to tap the commercial resilience market with its investment in Scale Microgrid Solutions. Startup Scale Microgrid Solutions won a $300 million commitment from investment firm Warburg Pincus this week, an unusually robust vote of confidence in the tricky microgrid market. SMS sells modular microgrid products to commercial […]

WoodMac: Natural Disasters No Big Catalyst for Microgrid Deployment

The majority of microgrids aren’t deployed immediately after a storm, and most still don’t include multiple clean energy technologies. After Hurricane Irma and then Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico and ripped out its electricity infrastructure, renewables developers quickly descended on the island to offer clean energy and resilient solutions such as battery storage, residential […]

Energy storage is key to the future of power

Renewable energy is an important component of Africa’s economic future and is destined to replace polluting power generation sources such as coal and oil. This transition will be greatly helped by efficient energy storage, which is also quickly dropping in cost. Seydou Kane, Managing Director at Eaton South Africa discusses the importance of storage in […]

Panasonic Expands its Energy Solutions Business; Introduces Urban Microgrids for India

New Delhi: Panasonic, a diversified technology company, launched urban microgrids, hybrid Energy Storage Systems (ESS) with end to end solutions for Indian market. The integrated solar power microgrids feature efficient, reliable and intelligent power storage solutions to power up urban residential and commercial areas. The solution allows grid interaction, remote monitoring and data analytics that […]

Remote Alaskan Microgrid Will Use Battery Storage for Seasonal Salmon Surges

The Saft system will cut down on expensive diesel consumption and allow better utilization of local hydropower. Energy storage has been used to serve multifarious grid needs, but salmon-induced demand mitigation may be a new one. The remote town of Cordova, Alaska, located on the coast between Anchorage and Juneau, inaugurated its first utility-scale lithium-ion […]

Energy Commission Awards Nearly $11 Million to Support Clean Energy Projects

SACRAMENTO: The California Energy Commission today approved nearly $11 million for clean energy demonstration projects, including biofuels, renewable gas, and microgrids. The Energy Commission approved a $2 million grant to Technology & Investment Solutions to demonstrate a more sustainable and cost-effective process of creating biomethane from food waste at an existing anaerobic digester in El […]

Doing it for the kids – the future of energy

There has always been conflict between the generations. But throughout history, this has been the exception rather than the rule: whatever generational differences there have been, they have failed to affect the course of human progress. But we should not invest too much trust in the inevitability of such progress – especially not when younger generations seem […]
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