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Renewables Integration in India

Renewables Integration in India. This report suggests ways for India to maximise the amount and value of solar and wind power in its electricity system. It addresses demand-side flexibility, power plant flexibility, storage (pumped-storage hydro and batteries) and grid flexibility, as well as policy, market and regulatory solutions for the short to medium term. It […]

Energy Storage in India, A New Horizon is Visible

Enel targets 1GW of battery deployment alongside major renewables push

Enel Green Power has broken ground on its first solar-storage hybrid project in the US, setting its sights on deploying 1GW of energy storage over the next two years in the process. The clean energy arm of Italian utility Enel has started construction on the Lily solar storage project in Kaufman County, Texas. It will […]

China Aims to Install Over 30 GW of New Energy Storage By 2025

Grid synchronous inertia: Vital to stabilising the grid and preventing the next blackout

Taking the UK’s transmission system and the circumstances which led to a dramatic blackout as a direct example, Javier Cavada and Gary Preece of liquid air energy storage (LAES) systems company Highview Power look at how such events could be avoided, cost-effectively and with lesser environmental consequences. The stability of the energy grid in any […]

China Aims to Install Over 30 GW of New Energy Storage By 2025

One-by-one: Saft supplying Nordic region’s next big battery project

Almost exactly a year since the Nordic region’s ‘largest’ battery energy storage system to date was announced, Saft has said that the next system to take that crown will be a project the company will work on in Finland. Saft, the battery energy storage system (BESS) specialist fully-owned by energy major Total, emailed Energy-Storage.news today […]

China Aims to Install Over 30 GW of New Energy Storage By 2025

Lead acid batteries are US’ ‘most recycled’ products, trade group says

Lead acid batteries are “the most recycled” consumer product used in the US today, according to National Recycling Rate Study, a new biennial report from the Battery Council International (BCI). BCI, which represents the interests of lead acid battery companies and the automotive battery sector, issued the study towards the end of last week. It […]

BASF, Porsche to Develop High-Performing Lithium-Ion Batteries

China to ‘dominate recycling and second life battery market worth US$45bn by 2030’

While recycling of lithium and other materials such as cobalt from batteries will greatly increase in the coming years, the potential availability of second life batteries should not be underestimated, according to new research and data. Hans Eric Melin, an expert on the lifecycle management of lithium batteries with UK-headquartered consultancy Circular Energy Storage, previously […]

China Aims to Install Over 30 GW of New Energy Storage By 2025

Solar-charged vanadium flow machine pre-qualifies for UK’s frequency response market

‘Flow batteries’ could provide frequency response in the UK for the first time ever, as a modestly sized solar-plus-storage system has been pre-qualified into National Grid’s dynamic firm frequency response (dFFR) market. Last week energy storage technology provider and system integrator RedT – which prefers the description ‘flow machines’ for its vanadium redox flow, long […]

China Aims to Install Over 30 GW of New Energy Storage By 2025

Massachusetts policy leads Stem towards 28.2MWh of solar co-located energy storage

Policy in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts favouring the use of clean energy during peak times has brought behind-the-meter energy storage company Stem Inc into the state’s utility-scale solar-plus-storage market. The commercial and industrial (C&I) system provider has partnered with private equity firm Syncarpha Capital Partnership to develop 28.2MWh of large-scale energy storage projects, co-located with […]

China Aims to Install Over 30 GW of New Energy Storage By 2025

Huge battery system to export cheap solar from South Australia approved

Satellite map of proposed project site. Image: EPS Energy / esri South Australia’s Planning Council gave approval just before the end of last month to a 500MW (AC) solar farm project, co-located with 250MW / 1,000MWh of battery energy storage from renewables developer EPS Energy. EPS Energy, based in Australia, has three massive solar-plus-storage projects […]

China Aims to Install Over 30 GW of New Energy Storage By 2025

Governor gives behind-the-meter storage a US$55m boost on New York’s Long Island

Funding is to be administered from NYSERDA’s commercial and residential programmes respectively, with the initiative also supporting – and supported by – utility PSEG-LI. Customers in Long Island, New York, that install commercial energy storage systems of up to 5MW and residential solar-plus-storage will be eligible for incentive payments of US$250 per kWh of storage […]

China Aims to Install Over 30 GW of New Energy Storage By 2025