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Taiwan Hungry for AI, Offshore Wind Energy, IC Design Talent

Taiwan Hungry for AI, Offshore Wind Energy, IC Design Talent


Taipei : Taiwan’s artificial intelligence (AI), offshore wind energy development and integrated circuit (IC) design sectors will be eagerly seeking talent over the next three years, the National Development Council (NDC) said Tuesday.

In a report on talent demand between 2021 and 2023, the NDC — the top economic planning agency in Taiwan — said that among 21 major industries in the country targeted in a recent governmental survey, AI, offshore wind energy and IC design will face the highest talent shortage in the three-year period.

The 21 major industries also include communications, data services, smart machinery, solar energy, semiconductor materials, cybersecurity, design services, food production, aerospace, shipbuilding, naval ship manufacturing, tourism, banking, securities and insurance.

Shih Keh-her deputy head of the NDC, said that a shortage in talent in the AI industry will account for about 13.9 percent of the total manpower the industry will need over the next three years.

In the offshore wind energy development industry, the figure will be 13.7 percent, while in the IC design industry, the gap will be 11.7 percent, Shih said.

Among the 21 major industries the survey targeted, more than half of the talent they need will be allocated to areas such as research and development, software development, engineering, information communications and system development, Shih added.

He said that research and development talent will account for 16.9 percent of the manpower demand by these industries over the next three years, ahead of software development (10.2 percent), engineering (9.3 percent), information communications (9.3 percent) and system development (5.9 percent).

The survey found that 100 percent of the talent needed in the data services and AI industries are digital technology professionals, while 70 percent will be needed in the information industry.

A shortage of new graduates was cited by the survey for need for talent in IC design, data services, smart machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding, semiconductor materials and food production.

According to the poll, the solar energy and design services industries have a high employee turnover rate, which has resulted in the growth of the talent shortage.

Source: focustaiwan
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network