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Tata Power Switches to Smart Meters in Mumbai

Tata Power Switches to Smart Meters in Mumbai


MUMBAI: To ensure transparency on energy consumption patterns and billing for its customers, Tata Power is installing smart meters in Mumbai.

The company has already installed over 7,000 smart meters. With the installation of smart meters, Tata Power has also enabled its customers with valuable data analytics tools. Customers can now view and optimize their electricity consumption in near real-time through the customer portal and mobile app.

“Mumbai customers had billing issues last summer, we are now transitioning to complete automation system using digital technologies and smart metering,” said Mr Sanjay Banga, President – T&D, Tata Power.

The smart meter will allow customers to monitor their near real-time consumption in just a few clicks on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis, the company said.

Smart meters also update consumers with their monthly usage compared to their consumption in the last 12 months and allow them to compare their average monthly consumption with peers.

Most importantly, customers receive alerts for abnormal usage so that they can optimize their consumption.

Smart meter automatically registers the meter readings to Tata Power’s billing system thus, eliminating the probability of errors due to manual meter readings. This is especially helpful when there are physical restrictions, which most of the utilities have faced during the pandemic, the company said.

Source: livemint

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network