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Adani Electricity Offers Green Tariff Initiative For Consumers in Mumbai

Adani Electricity Offers Green Tariff Initiative For Consumers in Mumbai


New Delhi [India] :  To enable all consumers to achieve their targets and aspirations for renewable energy along with flexibility, Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML), a leading power distribution utility, is offering a Green Tariff Initiative for its consumers in Mumbai suburban area.

As per the company’s official release, all consumers right from corporates, industrial, commercial, hotels, restaurants, and residential consumers can now switch to green energy. The consumers can opt for Adani Electricity Green Tariff Initiative by paying an additional tariff of Rs. 0.66 paise per unit, AEML said.

“The switch can be done with immediate billing cycle and customers will receive green power certificate on a monthly basis with a separate green colour bill indicating separate line item – Green Power Tariff,” the release said.

The company said its consumers will have the flexibility to decide what should be the percentage of renewable energy in their total energy consumption.

Speaking on the option of Adani Electricity’s Green Tariff Initiative, an AEML spokesperson said, “Adani Electricity’s Green Tariff Initiative offers all its consumers the opportunity to be responsible citizens and together contribute to making the world, India, and Mumbai greener and more sustainable.”

AEML has urged its consumers to participate in this innovative initiative for a sustainable future and said the innovative step will be a significant contribution for consumers to meet their sustainability goals.

The company also welcomed all members of RE100, a global initiative bringing together the world’s most influential businesses committed to the consumption of renewable energy.

To avail Green Tariff Initiative, AEML consumers call on company’s toll-free number: 19122. Alternatively, they can also write to them at helpdesk.mumbaielectricity@adani.com or you visit the company’s website http://adanielectricity.com to find out more about the initiative.

AEML said it will issue monthly certificates to such consumers which mention that they have opted for Renewable Energy and the colour of the bill will be green, and added that the program is voluntary for existing AEML as well prospective consumers and has the option to shift both Green Energy Tariff as well normal within next billing cycle.

“AEML is committed to sustainability and aligned to India’s commitment for a rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy and is committed to source 30 per cent of its total electricity from renewable sources by 2023,” the company added.



Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network