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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Taps Zon® To Charge Mobile Devices

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Taps Zon® To Charge Mobile Devices


The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® is slated to undertake a complete re-brand and refresh this winter and will make convenient mobile device charging a part of this bold new step with Los Angeles up-and-comer ZON, Inc.

The re-brand and refresh will also include new logos, cups, interior design and additional innovations. ZON, Inc. plays a large role in this by helping The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® simultaneously innovate in ways no other coffee retailer has.

ZON, Inc., the start-up company that provides solar powered mobile device charging services, will keep The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® patrons’ phones and tablets charged up while they enjoy the The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® food and beverage experience.

Unlike other coffee retailers that have attempted to keep their patrons’ mobile devices charged up, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s® partnership with ZON is much more customer friendly because it charges 3 mobile devices at one time as fast as a wall outlet, day or night. And, customers can use their mobile devices while it charges.

Tim Welsh, VP of Development with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, states, “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has been focusing on driving innovation for our guests since 1963. From the invention of our Ice Blended® beverage to our new partnership with ZON, we are always looking to improve our guest’s experience.”

Cameron Welborn-Wilson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ZON, Inc., explains, “Imagine the last time you saw your phone battery drop below 20% and how you immediately wonder where you can charge up. Now people don’t have to worry about bringing a special device or extra battery with them, as they can simply go to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® and charge up, while using their phone, and go about their day stress free.”

The fact that ZON’s charging stations are solar powered and fit onto the coffee retailer’s umbrellas, signals The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s® commitment to making tech amenities and innovation a part of the upcoming re-brand/refresh. Overall, both Los Angeles based companies aim to make the consumer experience superior to any other coffee retailer in the U.S. by providing this solar tech amenity for charging phones and other electronic devices.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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