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UNDP launches “Panda Solar Power Plant” with CMNE

UNDP launches “Panda Solar Power Plant” with CMNE


In order to ally more forces to promote green energy in the global application, China Merchants New Energy Group Limited,  and the United Nations Development Programme  entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly launch the Programme of “Panda Solar Power Plant to promote the youth engagement and innovation to promote sustainable development”. The launching ceremony was held in the building of Beijing office of the United Nations. Officials from both parties witnessed the ceremony, including Ms. Agi Veres, Country Director of UNDP China, Ms. Sarah Kemp, Minister-Counselor of Commerce from US Embassy in China, Mr. Li Junfeng, Director of the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, as well as representatives from new energy and IT Internet industry.

After signing the Paris Agreement, the transition to a low-carbon and green development is becoming a global trend. Meanwhile, “G20 Summit”, the world’s most important multilateral platform for dialogue will be held in Hangzhou. It is committed to building innovative, dynamic, linked and inclusive world economy, so as to jointly combat the climate change. Taking “Panda Solar Power Plant” as the carrier, CMNE and UNDP aim to promote the popularization of the sustainable development concept among the youth group thereby enabling young people to become promoters of green energy in the future. It may help teenagers’with capability building, further enhancing their innovation and leadership.

Ms. Agi Veres, Country Director of UNDP China, said that the rapid development of Chinese new energy enterprises is certainly worthy of global recognition and the world is expecting to see more big-country-driven global cooperation. The implementation of the “Panda Solar Power Plant” Programme is not only a concrete execution of United Nations on climate change, but is also the best example of new energy application and promotion by governments, enterprises and community. More importantly, the Panda Solar Power Plant will stimulate teenagers’ interest and investment in sustainable development, and thus become the main force in response to global climate change. The early join of the young will definitely further promote all social forces to address climate change.

Mr. Alan Li, the CEO of CMNE said at the ceremony that as the initiator of Panda Solar Power Plant, the Group receives great recognition and support from world-class companies in promoting transformation of new energy in China and popularizing the concept of sustainable development. The collaboration with UNDP to carry out “Panda Solar Power Plant” Programme is in line with the Paris Agreement, which truly aims to introduce new energy to millions of families around the world.

Two representatives of high school students of the United States spoke at the ceremony. They expressed that the climate change is closely related to young people in the world, and young people also want to actively join in the global action to address climate change. “Panda Solar Power Plant” will be the best carrier of their hopes and dreams. In the future, they will call more students to join in the design and implementation of Panda Solar Power Plants all over the world.

At the ceremony, the young delegates from different countries pressed their fingerprints, expressing their desire for a greener future. Delegates watched the video of “Panda Solar Power Plant” to learn about the implementation plans and technical details of the programme. “Panda Solar Power Plant” will be designed and constructed in accordance with the image of “Chinese national treasure” – a giant panda. It will cover a total area of about 1500 acres, with the total installed capacity of 50 MW. The black part will be composed of monocrystalline silicon solar cells, and the grey part will be composed of the thin film solar cell. The project will be funded and constructed by CMNE’s subsidiary United Photovoltaics Group Limited (“United PV”).

According to the construction plan, CMNE will establish a “Sino-US New Energy Dream Team”, which will collaborate outstanding new energy and Internet information technology enterprises of both countries. The programme will integrate the most advanced big data with solar cell technology, so that the Panda Power Plant will become an innovation platform of constant application of new technology and material. First Solar, world’s largest thin film solar cell producer from the US; Sun Power, world’s highest power generation efficiency of solar cell panel enterprise; IBM, advanced system management technology company; Apple, the company announced to use 100% clean energy world widely and outstanding company representatives from China, including Huawei, POWERCHINA, Sungrow, United PV, as well as LONGI, the world’s largest monocrystalline silicon solar cell company, all participated in this startup.

CMNE will work with the United Nations to launch the programme to the whole world as soon as possible. It is our objective to have access to clean energy in the whole world whether it is rich or poor. “Panda Solar Power Plant” will be seen in the world as an ambassador of climate and peace. It is the mission of Panda Solar Power Plant to let millions of households have access to new energy! Spread panda’s smile to all over the world!

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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