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Unisun Energy formally starts operation of Europe’s largest N-type bifacial solar project

Unisun Energy formally starts operation of Europe’s largest N-type bifacial solar project


SHANGHAI: Unisun Energy Group (UNISUN) , a China-based renewable energy solution provider, co-hosted the opening ceremony for Solar Park Rilland, Europe’s largest N-type bifacial solar project, on the afternoon of June 21 local time. In a series of activities following the ceremony, visitors strolled through Solar Park Rilland and witnessed the outstanding work and focus on quality that went into the project.

The 11.75 MW project is the result of the close collaboration between UNISUN’s Netherlands subsidiary and the local land owner. The facility is located in Solar Park Rilland, within an area known for its support of renewable energy based on the 15 MW of wind power facilities already in operation located there. The purchase of modules and the construction of the power station were completed in four months, demonstrating UNISUN’s scientific approach, efficiency in planning and years of experience when it comes to the construction of solar facilities.

In September 2018, UNISUN purchased 40,000 high-quality N-type bifacial double glass PV modules, in order to ensure the high efficiency required of the power to be generated by the facility, helping its customers achieve higher revenue. In January of this year, the facility was successfully connected to the grid. This is the first of the many facilities under development by UNISUN in the Netherlands and represents the largest utility scale N-type bifacial PV power station in Europe.

UNISUN chairwoman He Yisha said at the opening ceremony, “Europe has a mature solar energy market with ample potential for development. UNISUN is committed to continuously promoting the development of high-quality clean energy while helping its customers realize a transformation to a dependence on green energy. We look forward to creating a more environmentally friendly standard of living for customers throughout Europe.”

Based on the successful implementation of the Dutch project, UNISUN plans to collaborate on further PV projects in Europe with the goal of achieving 200 MW in new facilities in both 2019 and 2020 along with the expectation of writing the next chapters in the trajectory of the global clean energy sector.

About Unisun Energy

Unisun Energy (UNISUN) is a global clean energy solution provider specializing in investing and developing clean energy power plants and managing power asset. So far, significant progress has been made in energy storage, intelligent micro-grid and power asset management.

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, UNISUN has offices in many countries, including Hungary, India, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines, and has branches in 28 provinces and municipalities across China, with projects in more than 100 cities nationwide. As of today, the Group’s global power plant projects have more than 1.4 GW of installed capacity, among which DV power plants have generated 800 MW.

Source: Unisun Energy
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