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Wind Energy in Gujarat – A Snapshot

Wind Energy in Gujarat – A Snapshot


Gujarat is located on the west coast of India surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the West, Rajasthan in the North and North-East, Madhya Pradesh in the East and Maharashtra state in the South and South East. It is situated between 20°1′ and 24°7′ north latitudes and 68°4′ and 74°4’east longitudes. The state has the longest coastline of about 1600 km. The state has three distinct geographical regions – a corridor which is the industrial mainland,a peninsula known as Saurashtra, and Kutch, which is partly desert and partly marshland. Gujarat has varied climatic conditions. The north-western part is mostly dry due to the desert areas while the southern region is moist due to heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. The southern districts receive maximum rainfall, making it suitable for vegetation. The northern region is dry because of the adjoining desert. The Arabian Sea and the Gulf
of Cambay make the weather pleasant. Areas like Kutch, Jamnagar, Panchmahals and Mehsana fall in the rain shadow region and thus receive little rainfall. The overall climate of the state is extreme due to the variation in topography.

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