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E.ON begins selling electricity storage system in Germany

E.ON begins selling electricity storage system in Germany


E.ON has begun selling its E.ON Aura electricity storage system in Germany. The system is available immediately at www.eon-aura.de. The all-in-one solution consists of a storage device, the E.ON Aura app, and, if desired, an E.ON Aura PV system, and the E.ON Aura electricity tariff. The German energy supplier worked closely with Dresden-based SOLARWATT GmbH to develop the system.

E.ON Aura’s charge efficiency of 93 percent makes it one of the most efficient storage devices on the German market. The system can increase a home’s energy self-sufficiency rate—that is, the proportion of self-produced electricity the home consumes—from about one third to around 70 percent. “With a storage capacity of 4.4 kilowatt-hours, E.ON Aura can meet the entire electricity needs of a three- to four-person family during the evening and night hours,” Robert Hienz, Managing Director of E.ON Energie Deutschland, explained. The system is therefore perfectly tailored to the average German household’s energy consumption.

Highly efficient, simple to install
For homes that consume more electricity, the system’s storage capacity is easily expandable to up to 11 kilowatt-hours with additional battery modules. E.ON developed the system in partnership with SOLARWATT, a Dresden-based solar company and storage-device manufacturer. E.ON Aura is aimed primarily at environmentally conscious homeowners who wish to achieve greater energy autonomy and reduce their energy costs. The lithium-ion battery modules have an estimated operating life of up to 20 years, providing customers with lasting quality. The compact, wall-mounted storage device combines a sleek design and noise-free operation.

E.ON Aura app
The system comes with a user-friendly app that enables customers to monitor their home energy production and consumption any time, any place. All data are displayed in easy-to-comprehend, read-at-a-glance graphics. The app displays daily and weekly figures, making it possible to compare usage over time. It also learns continually, enabling it to adapt to a household’s usage patterns. The system is smart-grid-ready and therefore qualifies for assistance from Germany’s KfW development bank. In addition, it can be used to optimally control large-consumption devices such as heat pumps.

E.ON Aura electricity
“Along with the storage system, customers can opt for our exclusive yet reasonably priced E.ON Aura tariff, which provides electricity service from 100 percent renewable sources,” E.ON’s Robert Hienz explains. “This gives customers a complete and compatible package consisting of a PV system, storage device, app, and green electricity tariff.”

Customers who choose E.ON receive the complete solution from a single source and have a single contact point for all their questions. E.ON Aura is a practical example of E.ON’s resolute focus on the new energy world, which is characterized by renewables, distributed generation, energy efficiency, microgrids, and increasingly autonomous and proactive customers.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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