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Hanergy to launch HanWall globally

Hanergy to launch HanWall globally


Hanergy to launch HanWall globally

HanWall rumored to be available in four different colors

BEIJING: The world’s largest thin-film power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (00566.hk), is all geared up for its global launch event, “HanWall casting a new landmark”. This is likely to mark the launch of its innovative BIPV product — HanWall, the world’s first integrated solar powered wall solution.

With this upcoming global launch event which is scheduled to happen on Sept. 29, 2018 across overseas venues at 7 locations, including Beijing, São Paulo, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Dubai and Hon Kong, Hanergy is all set to up the ante in BIPV segment through its mysterious revolutionary and pioneering solar product.

Last year, Hanergy also introduced the “New Eco City” comprehensive solution, and became the first company to introduce the idea of Eco-building into the public arena. Hanergy’s thin-film solar cells and the building construction materials are well-statured to be eco-friendly, making each building “clean energy station”.

HanWall, a new development from Hanergy in building-integrated solar PV goes well beyond simple installation of rooftop solar panels, with the generating capability being an integral part of the fabric of the building.

HanWall which could light-up the buildings with its unique design and its availability in different colors and various sizes allows the building designers to utilize their creative ability to build new eco landmarks. It’s likely Hanergy will introduce four different colors of HanWall products at its launch event.

HanWall is said to have boundless environmental benefits as well. Installed 1000 square meter of HanWall equals to a reduced usage of 48 tons of coal.

About Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd (0566.HK) is a Hong Kong listed company, and a subsidiary of Hanergy Holding Group Ltd. As a leading thin film solar company in the world, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd is committed to “Building Mobile Energy”. Since 2009, Hanergy has been painstakingly working to integrate worldwide solar technology and making robust investment for the research and innovation in the field of thin-film solar power. Thin film solar technology has been applied to a series of commercial and civilian products, including HanTile, HanWall, HanCar, HanWindow, Humbrella, HanPack and HanPaper.

Source: Hanergy Holding Group Ltd.
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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