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How to maintain solar panels – EQ Mag Pro

How to maintain solar panels – EQ Mag Pro


Owning solar panels is an investment and solar panels are one of the most limited maintenance equipment. Solar panels are an investment that lasts 20 to 30 years, however, with a little care, it can go a long way. That is to say, you have plenty of time to get a full return on your invested amount.

In this article, Navitas Solar would like to walk you through everything you need to know about solar panel maintenance

1. Cleaning:

The most common type of maintenance required for your solar panels is cleaning. Dirt and debris can collect on the solar panels which affect the overall performance, even though occasional rain takes care of that, occasional cleaning is a good idea to remove dirt, debris, and leaves from solar panels.
There are four types of cleaning methods majorly,

Method 1: Wet Cleaning – When cleaning the module use a soft cloth together with a mild detergent and soft water with Total Hardness less than 60mg/L and pH between i.e. 6.5<PH<7.5.

Method B: Compressed Air – Clean the soft dirt (like dust) on modules just with air pressure. This technique can be applied if the method is efficient enough considering the existing conditions.

Method C: Dry or Brush Cleaning – If excessive soiling is present on the module surface, a nonconductive brush, sponge, or other mild agitating methods may be used with caution.

Method D: Rotating Brush- Avoid this kind of cleaning method, as it could create micro-cracks in PV modules as well as damage the Anti-reflective coating.

You can know more about cleaning solar panels in Navitas Solar Cleaning guidelines. It is generally recommended to perform manual cleaning between two to four times a year to make sure your panels are giving you the optimal results.

2. Monitoring:

When it comes to solar panels, Monitoring is more important than maintaining. Monitoring will tell you whether your solar panels need maintenance or not.

Checking the performance of your solar panels once every few weeks is a good idea. Regular checkup ensures that you can identify any miscellaneous problems.

Now, what are the warning indicators you should be on the lookout for? A substantial increase in your electricity bill while your consumption hasn’t changed significantly, or a red or orange light on your inverter during the day.

3. Inspection after Natural disasters:

The third type of maintenance required for your solar panels is inspection following severe weather turbulence such as a severe storm, tornado, or hurricane. Natural disasters can sometimes result in broken panels. The performance of solar panels will be compromised as a result of the broken glass. By inspecting the outward appearance of the panels or monitoring the performance, you can simply guarantee that everything is in order.

4. Annual Inspection:

The last type of maintenance your solar panel would require is an annual inspection by a professional. A solar professional should ideally visit your home during a solar panel inspection to ensure that no parts are damaged or degraded, that all fittings and cables are securely attached, and that everything is working properly.

All in all, Solar panels are some of the most low-maintenance home improvements on the market. Just be sure to get a good warranty and good insurance, and the only regular maintenance needed for your solar panels is the cleaning and an annual inspection. Otherwise, as long as your panels are working properly, they won’t need additional maintenance throughout the year.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network