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HT-SAAE’s “Milky Way” Rewrites the N-Type Record Book

HT-SAAE’s “Milky Way” Rewrites the N-Type Record Book


Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has set a new record in the industry. Tested and certified by TUV Rheinland, an authoritative, international certification body, the peak output power (Pmax) of HT-SAAE’s independently developed “Milky Way” N-type PERT solar module (based on 60 pieces of 156mm*156mm) reached up to 345.7Wp.

Based on this latest technological achievement, HT-SAAE is maintaining its industry-leading status in the field of N-type PERT mono-crystalline silicon. This recognition demonstrates that the company has obtained another historical technical breakthrough in the field of N-type PERT high-efficiency solar modules. The “Milky Way” solar module was made of many independently developed N-Type high efficiency cells. HT-SAAE’s bifacial power production module technology can achieve higher output power, significantly reduce the levelized cost of electricity and shorten the investment payback period. This module will not only rewrite the silicon module output power record book, but it will also be launched as HT-SAAE’s featured product and be widely promoted in many marketplaces all over the world.

Clients and media from all over the world have been showing great interest in the “Milky Way” module ever since its debut in early 2015. In addition to earning great reviews from clients, HT-SAAE also won the “2015 PR Newswire Best Overseas Communications Award” for its successful marketing communications and planning for this product. It is clear that the development and roll-out of this product has earned the company outstanding achievements in technology, quality, marketing planning and communications.

Dr. Zhang Zhongwei, CTO of HT-SAAE, points out that, “HT-SAAE will continue to be dedicated to the research and development of N-type PERT technology, further improvement of the development process, and will continuously bring out improved products to adapt the fast-changing market. HT-SAAE will also be devoted to sustainable reduction of the levelized cost of electricity for end users.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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