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Huawei Provides COVID-19 Healthcare Services to Indian Employees

Huawei Provides COVID-19 Healthcare Services to Indian Employees


Huawei Technologies India launched a range of programs on May 17, 2021 to help its employees tide over the pandemic. The company has set up an emergency team to tackle COVID related concerns of the employees and to provide them hospitalization support.

For COVID-19 care, Huawei has also set up a dedicated portal. The company started a national support facility in partnership with medical service providers to offer medical and hospitalization support along with doctor’s consultation for employees and their dependents.

Huawei stated that as the number of daily cases continues to stretch the limits of the country’s health infrastructure, the company has arranged an exclusive 24*7 ambulance service which will be available to all its employees and their dependents in emergencies.

For urgent cases, Huawei arranged oxygen equipped emergency beds with hospitals. The company is also arranging to build a facility for managing the COVID-19 vaccine onsite at its Bangalore R&D Centre.

Huawei stated that considering many of its employees are currently working remotely from various parts of the country, the company will also be tying up with hospitals pan-India to make vaccination more accessible to its people and their families.

Furthermore, the company has tied up with senior doctors and psychiatrists to provide mental wellness support along with the regular organization of yoga and meditation sessions for the improvement of physical health.

Bi Yunfeng, CEO, Huawei Technologies India said, “As a people-centric organization, employee health and safety are Huawei’s top priority and the company will support and aid every member of the Huawei family.”

More than 3,500 Indian engineers are employed at Huawei to develop ICT software, end-to-end telecom solutions, consumer device software and providing services for global operators.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network