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IBC SOLAR expands its product portfolio with Optimizer technology TIGO

IBC SOLAR expands its product portfolio with Optimizer technology TIGO


The IBC SOLAR AG, one of the world’s leading providers of photovoltaics (PV), is expanding its product portfolio to include module-Optimizer of TIGO. The technology can be retrofitted to all modules in stock and is also the advantage of IBC SOLAR modules combined.

Existing systems often remain behind their optimum performance. This may for example by shadows, which were available from the outset or developed in the course of time, have been caused. TIGO is to solve this problem a its patented Optimizer technology. The power optimizer can increase the energy of the entire PV system by up to 20 percent and are also compatible with all modules. Design and installation are kept simple, also the fire safety is improved. In addition, the solution enables extremely long operating times and guarantees maximum reliability through a cloud-based monitoring. The solution of Tigo Energy comes from industry with the fewest components and is a globally deployable, reliable and efficient solution. With these features, the products meet the high quality requirements of IBC SOLAR justice.

“TIGO completes our product portfolio for internal and external brands from ideal. The Optimizer open our trade partners the opportunity to offer its customers a new efficient solutions for existing PV systems that can not bring their full capacity due to poor environmental conditions, “said Thomas Herold, product manager for electric components at IBC SOLAR.

Thanks to the partnership customers of IBC SOLAR will soon be able to use the revolutionary technology TS4. His specialist partners provides IBC SOLAR in-house Competence Center also exclusive training for the new product. Installers can carry out a review of the system performance and to advise them on possible retrofitting with the Optimizer technology for existing customers. As part of this examination also long-term service and maintenance agreements can be made.

“TIGO is the only company in the industry that provides a modular platform on which customers the conduct of its PV modules can vote on the individual site needs. It also has a real-time monitoring is possible, and the overall maintenance costs are reduced, “said Christian Carro, GM Vice President of Sales for Europe at TIGO. “By combining our products with many years of experience of IBC SOLAR, we are able to supply the market with first-class products and management systems for the generation of solar energy.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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