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India to add 131.31 GW power generation capacity till 2022

India to add 131.31 GW power generation capacity till 2022


New Delhi: India will add 131.31 GW of power generation capacity during 2019 to 2022, Parliament was informed Tuesday.

“Based on the present preparedness of projects, the likely power generation capacity addition during 2019 to 2022 is likely to be 1,31,316 MW,” Power and New and Renewable Energy Minister R K Singh said in a written reply to Rajya Sabha.

India’s total installed power generation capacity was 3,56,817.6 MW as on May 31, 2019.

He said that in 2018-19, all India electrical energy requirement was 1274.59 Billion Units (BU) and energy supplied was 1267.52 BU.

The all India peak demand was 177.022 GW and peak demand met was 175.528 GW for 2018-19 (shortage of 0.6 per cent).

As per ‘National Electricity Plan – Generation’ issued in January 2018, the projected peak demand is 226 GW and energy requirement is estimated at 1,566 BU at the end of 2021-22.

The Plan projected peak demand at 299 GW and energy requirement at 2,047 BU at the end of 2026-27.

The minister told the House that as per studies conducted during 2003-2014, a total of 200 potential sites for coal and lignite-based power capacity aggregating to around 4,04,905 MW and gas-based capacity of 24,000 MW have been identified in the country.

The total hydroelectric potential of the country in terms of capacity is assessed at 1,48,701 MW.

Renewable energy potential in India is estimated at 8,96,602 MW comprising 7,48,991 MW of solar power, 1,02,772 MW of wind power, 19,749 MW of small hydro power and 25,090 MW of bio-energy.

Source: PTI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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