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  8. Indore: For subsidy, one needs to install at least 10 KW solar system
Indore: For subsidy, one needs to install at least 10 KW solar system

Indore: For subsidy, one needs to install at least 10 KW solar system


Tripathi said that the West Discom has written a letter to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) proposing to become a nodal agency. “Currently, there is only one nodal agency in the state and that is Urja Vikas Nigam.”

To encourage people to opt for renewable source of energy, the MD said that the Discom has decided to purchase solar power from rooftop systems at a cost of Rs 3.43 per unit.

Net-metering system has allowed consumers to generate solar power for their own use while feeding the surplus into the network of distribution companies.

“Those with a solar power panel installed on the rooftop can use it to run appliances during the day time. At other times, they will use the power from the grid. So, whatever is surplus can be fed into the Discom’s network,” Tripathi said.

He said that people investing establishment of solar panels in 1000 SQF area would get their return in four to five years.

He stated that Discom has registered as many as 11 vendors for supply of solar panel and providing services to consumers.

The MD further said that though promoting use of renewable source of energy is not in the commercial interest of Discom but it has still decided to do so in the larger interest of the country.

To a query regarding the Chhattisgarh government’s additional 20 per cent of subsidy, Tripathi said that the power to take such decisions lies with state government and not Discom.

Dearth of skilled manpower in solar sector

Padma Shri Janak Palta, who has been promoting use of renewable sources for energy for the past three decades, said that there is huge dearth of skilled manpower in solar power sector. “We don’t have trained people for installation of solar panels. This issue needs to be addressed,” she said. Palta also stated that people have been watching solar power instruments for past two decades but they could not muster courage to embrace this sustainable energy. She also stated that she had seen many deliberations on promotion of solar panels but none of them actually taking shape.

We are training students at SGSITS

SGSITS director Rakesh Saxena said that his institute is training students for installation of solar panels and the first batch will be out shortly. “We are offering a residential diploma programme sponsored by Central government. It’s a three month programme in which a complete training on installation of solar panels is being given to students. The maiden batch will be out shortly,” he said. He stated that Indore has potential to become No 1 country in solar power production. Like SGSITS, Arihant College is also offering identical programme.

PRIVATE sector producing 95% of renewal energy

Social worker Anil Bhandari said that the contribution of private sector in production of renewable energy is 95 per cent of the total renewable energy generated in the country. Calling upon people to adopt renewable sources of energy, he said that the clean energy will impact their health as well as environment.

“We should not only think of commercial aspects but also of giving back to the earth. Adoption of solar energy will be like doing charity,” he added.

West Discom proposes to become nodal agency for promoting renewable energy

Indore’s potential

l Electricity demand of Indore city is 350 to 400 MW for 5 lakh consumers

l Approximately 1000 sq ft area is required for 10KW solar generation

l Discom has identified 1537 roof in the city

l Out of which 283 number of roofs are having its area more than 50000 sq ft

l 508 number of roofs are having area between 25000 and 50000 sq ft

l 628 number of roofs are having area between 10000 and 25000 sq ft

l Total area of 1537 establishments is 6,37,71,285 sq ft

l Total 60 MW electricity can be generated through solar power

l Approx investment of Rs 450 crore required

Capital investment needed for solar system

Though he strongly advocated for rooftop solar panel system, IMC commissioner Manish Singh said that capital investment required to install the system discourages people to go for it.

“As heavy investment is required for installing the system, it remains a challenge to convince people to opt for solar energy. There is a need to make people aware of the benefits associated with solar power system in the long run,” he said. Singh signaled that 30 per cent of subsidy should be increased. He also stated that the IMC is ready to play its role in promoting the use of renewable source of energy in the city.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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