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  8. See, how a bulb lights up a Leh village, for the first time
See, how a bulb lights up a Leh village, for the first time

See, how a bulb lights up a Leh village, for the first time


This Losar brings new years’ gift in the form of electricity to the residents of the remote villages of Mukleb and Takthak, located in the Durbuk block of Leh district which was electrified for the first time by joint efforts of Global Himalayan Expedition team and Councilor of Durbuk block, Tashi Yakzee.

Speaking to Kashmir Life, Councilor Tashi Yakzee said that the introduction of the concept of DC Solar Nano grid to these villages by the team of Global Himalayan Expedition has been instrumental for the villagers to now enjoy 12 hours of indoor as well as outdoor lighting.

Jaideep of GHE said, a total of 70 pieces of custom designed DC LED lights were installed in these villages, with each home now lit up by at least 6-7 LED lights. All the households now plan to purchase DC LED HD TV for educational awareness and to be updated on world affairs.

Dorjey Namgyail, a villager, said that both these village hamlets comprise of 9 households.

They were currently using solar home lighting systems and solar lanterns that were not adequate for lighting purpose’s and did not provide enough power to run TV and other appliances.

The DC Solar Nano grid technology is not only affordable but also risk free as it runs on DC power of 12 and 24 V. This can be easily setup and can run appliances such as LED lights, LED street lights, USB mobile chargers and HD LED TV with dish connection.

This technology can also be alternative to resorts and tourists camps that currently use diesel generators for lighting and charging purpose.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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