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Innovative Business Centre: CISOLAR 2019 Offers New Opportunities for Developing Solar Energy in Central and Eastern Europe

Innovative Business Centre: CISOLAR 2019 Offers New Opportunities for Developing Solar Energy in Central and Eastern Europe


KIEV, Ukraine: On April 16-18 in Kyiv, will host the main business event of the region in the solar energy field, devoted to latest technology, trends and investments opportunities – CISOLAR 2019, 8th International Solar Energy Conference and Trade Show of Central and Eastern Europe.

Today solar energy development is one of priority areas for investors in the world and Eastern Europe in particular.

As of October, 2018 in Ukraine more than 1,06 GW capacity of megawatt-type solar power station were built and by end of the year this indicator will increase to 1,2 GW.

In addition to large scale projects, the segment of small solar stations, including solar roof stations, is also rapidly developing.

Since 2015 in Ukraine more than 72 million euro has been invested in the installation of small households stations. As of June 15, 2018, the number of households equipped with solar power plants exceeded 6 031.

On April, 16 a key B2B event the CISOLAR 2019 Solar Energy Conference and Trade Show will be held at the Hilton Kyiv Hotel (30 Tarasa Shevchenko Blvd.). It will be attended more than 70 speakers and 500 delegates – owners, executives, directors of influential companies, and as well as investors and entrepreneurs in the field of solar energy from more than 30 countries.

In particular, at the conference participants will discuss industry prospects, main trends and investments in solar energy projects. Presenters will share their international experience and tell about new technologies and innovative solutions for the PV sector.

An important part of the conference – CISOLAR AWARDS 2019 Ceremony, which traditionally will be chosen the best solar energy projects in Central and Eastern Europe and will be held at the first day of business event.

On April,17-18 the CISOLAR 2019, 2-days Trade Show will be held at the ACCO International Exhibition Center (40-B, Peremohy Avenue, Kyiv). A large-scale Trade Show will feature more than 100 exhibitors who will demonstrate new projects, the best technological solutions for business and home. The number of visitors is expected to be 5 000+.

Practical trainings and workshops for PV-installers have already become an integral part of event and will take place on April, 17-18. Events will be useful for property owners – private and multi-apartment buildings that have already installed solar panels, operate or plan to install. Participants will learn how to economize on green tariff and start developing own businesses.

CISOLAR is the first major business platform in Central and Eastern Europe, where participants share their experience of the most successful PV projects, discuss current issues in the solar energy field and learn about the latest trends, legal aspects, present ideas and solutions, conclude contracts, find and strengthen partnerships.

Become a member of CISOLAR 2019 and join world-renowned experts, participants in the international solar energy market, suppliers of state-of-the-art energy efficiency solutions – individuals with activities and achievements who write a new page on the development energy industry.

The future begins here.

Organizer – I nnovative Business Centre ( IB Centre Europe )

Register on the site:

phone number: +38-044-383-03-56 
or write a letter on e-mail to Organizing Committee:  inna.nemova@ibcentre.org

Source: Innovative Business Centre
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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