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  5. Ségolène Royal announced two new tenders for the development of solar energy on the occasion of the national days of solar energy
Ségolène Royal announced two new tenders for the development of solar energy on the occasion of the national days of solar energy

Ségolène Royal announced two new tenders for the development of solar energy on the occasion of the national days of solar energy


Ségolène Royal, Minister of Environment, Energy and the Sea, in charge of International Relations on climate, has issued a message of support to the development of solar energy during the national days of solar energy, organized by the DERBI competitiveness cluster and the CNRS in Perpignan.

The development of solar energy is a high priority of the energy transition. It resulted in the ambition to develop 1,000 km of solar road and through the 2023 objectives the Minister set out in the Decree of 24 April 2016 concerning new renewable energy development goals:

increase of more than three of the installed capacity for photovoltaics, from the current level,
80% increase for solar thermal, compared to the current level.
Accelerating the development of solar energy is already at work. The solar installed capacity has increased 40% since 2014. Since 2014, three tenders were launched, that will generate more than a billion euros of investment and create more jobs in 5000 the sector. Competitive tenders is progressing steadily.

The volume of each tranche of offers call CRE 3 to develop photovoltaic plants of medium power (100 to 250 kWp) on buildings and parking shade structures, was doubled from 40 to 80 MW. 349 projects were selected for the first installment.

To continue and accelerate this momentum, Ségolène Royal announced two new tenders:

tender “photovoltaic plants on the ground”, which covers a volume of 1 000 MW / year for 6 years
a new tender “photovoltaic plants on buildings,” which focuses on a volume of 450 MW / year over 3 years.
This year the national days of solar energy were particularly interested in energy storage, which is an essential lever for the energy transition: it promotes the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources and consumption; it also captures efficiency fields by opening up energy carriers (electricity, gas and heat) and uses, to meet in particular the issue of carbon-free mobility.

The development of renewable energy, especially solar, coupled to energy storage is a vector for innovation and industrial activity, which creates jobs for green growth. France has advantages in this area, including its advanced research and development, its industry, and its non-interconnected zones.

Therefore, after assigning, 12 June, 33 projects as part of a first tender “PV + storage” in non-interconnected zones, for a total volume of 50 MW, the Minister decided renewing the tender for the same volume. It will contribute to the energy independence of non-interconnected zones.

Ségolène Royal has undertaken further initiatives in this direction:

a tender for the development of the consumption of industrial, commercial and agricultural,
tender “hydrogen territories” for locally experience the hydrogen economy and its various uses, and in particular the storage of energy through the hydrogen vector.
These issues fall within the overall context of the Paris Agreement on the climate. The development of solar energy and energy storage are key levers to meet the challenges of the fight against climate change and electrification of Africa, which also call for decentralized responses.

Ségolène Royal, President of the COP, accompanied and supported with great attention the work of the International Alliance of the Solar, engaged with India to unite efforts to attract investment needed to deploy solar energy the sunniest countries and the industrial terawatt initiative.

The solar development objectives in the order of 24 April 2016:

For solar PV:

10,200 MW in 2018,
18,200 to 20,200 MW in 2023.
For solar thermal:

180 000 tonnes of oil equivalent in 2018,
280 000 to 400 000 tonnes of oil equivalent in 2023.
Simplification measures for renewable energy:

Simplification of tenders with the Decree of 18 February 2016 which shortens procedures.
Supervision of connection time, limited to 18 months for renewable generation facilities up to 12 MW.
The modernization of support schemes for renewable energy, with the decrees of 27 and 28 May, which set up the additional compensation provided for by the energy transition law. The tariff set by industry will be published as they are approved by the European Commission.
A reduction in distribution grid connection costs for producers of renewable energy, which is the subject of an order, currently before the Council of State.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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