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Introduction to hybrid solar PV Panel

Introduction to hybrid solar PV Panel


The present paper emerges with an innovative idea which improves the efficiency of the PV modulr by 50%. The conventional single crystalline cell has got 15% of its area covered with bus bars and grid, thus making this area useless.

A hybrid solar PV panel consists of three technologies; It uses thin film technology, bulk film technology, and surface mounting technology.

The procedure:

Glass substrate is coated with tin oxide film, this allows transmission of light , as well as collects the photo generated current. Next step the tin oxide film is scribed according to the array of the single crystalline solar cell with Nd YAG laser.

Single crystal solar cells with out silver grid and bus bars are stuck to the tin oxide film with transparent conducting adhesive.

Next process is silver film is deposited using sputtering technique on the backside of the cells which are stuck to the tin oxide film.

In the next step scribing is done to facilitate the integral interconnection in series. Bus bars are drawn and lamination is done.

The cross section of the Hybrid PV module is shown below.


Trails are in progress, The expected efficiency is about 50%. Because inter connection losses are not there as  soldering, tabbing are prevented which cause micro cracks which lead to loss due to recombination  Above all 100 % of area of the solar cell is utilized in terms of 100% of exposure to solar insolation, and as well as 100 % of collection of photo generated  current is obtained..

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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