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Japan’s Yokohama city will participate in a trial project that demonstrates the building of a low-carbon hydrogen supply chain model using renewable energy in the Tokyo and Yokohama coastal region. The project will use electricity generated from the Hama Wing wind power plant near the center of Yokohama to create hydrogen. The production equipment using wind power will achieve zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while the hydrogen energy storage will use reusable batteries of hybrid vehicles to store energy, so it can be built with care for the environment. In addition, it will use a simple hydrogen filled car, a first in Japan, to supply hydrogen energy to power forklifts operating in markets and factories.

The project was exhibited at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Yokohama in May. Preliminary calculations estimate the reduction of CO2 greater than 80% compared to conventional means using this low carbon hydrogen supply chain. Talking about the project Yasuharu Shimoda, Director General of Climate Change Policy Headquarters, City of Yokohama, said, ?This project is a major feature of creating CO2-free hydrogen and using it in the region. At ADB general meeting held in May, we received enormous compliments and feedback from the participants.?

?In the process of creating hydrogen, the most important point is how do we store energy generated from wind power generation. Storing the energy as hydrogen and if necessary, to supply energy in such equipment as forklifts. The storage technology in this case is the most up-to-date,? Shimoda added.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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