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meteocontrol implements monitoring system for 24.3 MWp solar energy

meteocontrol implements monitoring system for 24.3 MWp solar energy


meteocontrol GmbH has equipped seven new solar power plants in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse with its monitoring systems. meteocontrol’s monitoring and control systems manage the regulated grid feed-in operations and ensure that the PV systems operate at optimum capacity with a total output of 24.3 MWp. Contracted by IBC SOLAR AG, the Augsburg-based PV specialist supplied a complete solution package ranging from project planning to commissioning the systems on site.

“Our complete package for monitoring and grid feed-in management in PV systems relieves some of the burden on the customer’s workforce and ensures professional execution,” explains Martin Schneider, Managing Director of meteocontrol. “We have many years of project experience and continuously advance our systems in line with the latest market and customer requirements.” In the seven PV power plants built by general contractor IBC SOLAR, meteocontrol installed the monitoring and energy-management systems in close cooperation with IBC Solar. The smooth and timely commissioning was also carried out in close cooperation with the PV specialist’s technicians. The PV systems, which range from 1.3 MWp to 9.9 MWp of installed power, are connected to the power grids of Bayernwerk AG, Netze BW GmbH, and Energienetz-Mitte GmbH. The portfolio includes the PV power plant in Lichtenfeld, Bavaria, a solar power park in Marktheidenfeld, and power plants in Eschenburg and Neuberg in the state of Hesse.

Full-service package for EPCs and investors
For EPC companies like IBC SOLAR, the full-service package of meteocontrol provides maximum reliability and efficiency. The company takes into account all requirements specific to systems and grid operators when designing the monitoring and feed-in management systems individually for each power plant. Upon request, it also supplies the hardware in custom-tailored control cabinets. meteocontrol coordinates the entire project, communicates with the grid operator, PV installer and local authorities, and also commissions the system on site. A full-service package like this has many advantages. meteocontrol’s skilled planning and execution provides cost efficiency and ensures that the systems are commissioned on schedule and operate without issue and at a profit from the start. “All seven power plants were connected to the grid on schedule and are delivering the forecasted yields,” says Thomas Herold, product manager for electric components at IBC SOLAR. “Our cooperation with meteocontrol has been paying off for many years now. As a general EPC contractor, we deliver the power plants to our customers as turnkey solutions. While we focus on our core business, we can be sure that meteocontrol’s employees implement the monitoring systems in line with our specifications.”

Monitoring via VCOM with safer’Sun Professional
The seven power plants are controlled and monitored from the virtual control room (VCOM) via WEB’log data loggers. This platform enables ICB SOLAR to effectively manage its PV portfolio, because all relevant system data is visible at a glance. Any malfunctions or hidden issues can be fixed quickly and often even before they impact operations. Individual problem analyses, system-specific reporting and a ticket system for troubleshooting ensure efficient power plant management. Operators and investors have access to a wide range of information thanks to the extensive reporting system and a special investors’ view. IBC SOLAR has used VCOM-based system monitoring solutions for many years in its large projects. The PV contractor does more than just sell meteocontrol’s safer’Sun Professional portal; it uses the system itself.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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